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More ups,less downs

Updated on November 9, 2015

Life's never easy,but you shouldn't give up.god loves a chancer.

More ups,less downs.
Whenever your troubled,whenever your down
Try to smile,it's harder to frown .
Speak to your family,phone your friend
You'll find in time,the problem will mend
Nothing is ever as bad as it seems
Everyday hopes,can be tomorrow's dreams.
We all have bad days,we all have good
It's better to talk,it's no time to brood
No matter your downs,ups aren't far away
I'm speaking from experience,I thought I'd just say.
Human beings are all destined,for a bit if badness
It's part of the trials ultimately sadness.
It's part of trials and tribulations
40% bad days,60% celebrations
I believe in the power of positive thinking
Although sometimes I feel like I'm sinking.
I try to look ahead,for possibilities and hope
It's the way to get through,a good way to cope

Confusion in a selfie.

Mood swings.

we all wish for more good days rather than bad ones.we don't like having to deal with the bad side of life,unfortunately these off days are sent to test's a true measure of your character how well you deal with the bad days.

A good day.


i think on bad days,if I don't lose my rag so to speak ,i dealing with it well.i have quite a short temper,but over the years I've managed to mellow a bit.maybe it's old age creeping up on me I am not sure.i just have the reaction that I can't be bothered getting over stressed by situations I would have in the past allow me to get stressed out.


ignore your stress,

less of a mess

heart won't race

won't have a red face.

calm yourself down

put in a smile in place of a frown

think of it logically

think of it for what it appears

you'll feel a lot better

life won't end up in tears.

Another good day.


stress,fear,tightening chest

try to calm down,have to sit and rest.

mulling over details,stressing

over what occurred

even though after hours,

your view tends to be blurred.

have to calm down,blow my top

heart racing still,almost at a stop.

eventually chilled out,

laughing at what has passed

hoping this new occurrence

will definitely be the last.

Coping mechanism.

everybody has they're own coping mechanism.they go from the normal to the extreme.i cope not too bad now.i knew a guy years ago his way of coping with stress was action sports.he would go white water rafting,sky diving,all the ways I think are madness.each to their own I say.

Blow up.

when rage rears its ugly head

you struggle to cope

the angrier you get

the tightening of the rope.

feeled closed in

knowhere to go

what face do you let out

what personality will grow.

Leads to?

the madness of the moment

can lead you to do some harm

before you realise what's going on

the tightening pain in your arm.

black out,fired up,struggle to stop

emotions trick you easilly

you never end up on top.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great cadence and fun.