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Updated on June 6, 2015

The gentle warmth of the morning sun
The cool breeze of dawn comes
Trees dancing to the tune of birds singing
Songs playing in my head as I get up in the morning

God created a new day for us
Not to be wasted with worries and fuss
Get up and forget about yesterday's failure
Use it as fuel to start a good demeanor

God loves watching
How you get up in the morning
He loves you so much that he created today
So you can live, laugh and pray

Breakfast is served!
C'mon and enjoy each bite! Don't be too reserved
Food is God's blessing, bon app├ętit!
C'mon don't be too conscious of your looks, have some sweets!

Let's thank God for the wonderful morning
You don't have to worry about anything
But with all your heart pray for everything
God is always in control of time and gives a new beginning


Sagada Philippines
Sagada Philippines


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