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Morning Collision

Updated on February 10, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.

Visiting my Local Hospital
Visiting my Local Hospital

Last week I miraculously walked away from a front end collision at highway speeds. As I saw my view being filled by a hurtling SUV too close to avoid, I was certain that my life would be over in a matter of seconds. Yet, by some unseen hand, I'm still here, walking, talking, and writing. I have some injuries and I'll be spending my nights at my Chiropractor, but its a small price to pay for being here.

After my release from the hospital, one would expect anger or remorse, yet I am always smiling and have found a fresh outlook on life. I'm noticing tiny details of my surroundings and as soon as my broken wrist heals up, will be exercising my writing skills to their fullest with so many new inspiring things.

To everyone in the Hubpages community, those I know and those I hope to someday know - Have a great day!!!!

After the other vehicle was towed away
After the other vehicle was towed away
The impact was so hard that it tore the license plate in two
The impact was so hard that it tore the license plate in two
My car totalled - this 1991 Ford Explorer took hardly any damage - amazing
My car totalled - this 1991 Ford Explorer took hardly any damage - amazing
My wife says this is the angel who was riding shotgun
My wife says this is the angel who was riding shotgun
Front end of my 2001 Toyota Echo
Front end of my 2001 Toyota Echo
Up close and ugly
Up close and ugly

Morning commute

Eventless trip

Cold with fog

Talk radio and scenery

Almost there

Crossing the highway

Light green

Speed maintained

Normalcy halted

Windshield filled

From nowhere

Certain death

My final moment

Thinking of her

Bracing seems useless

Imminent impact

Big truck

Little car

Short straw

No luck today

Thunderous collision

Airbags deploy

Hurling forward

Then silence

Afraid to look

Ringing ears

Lucid and surreal

Somehow alive

Reality catches up

Avalanche of sound

Lights flashing

Voices everywhere

Suddenly realize

Center of attention

Rapid questions

Slow to respond

Senses a step behind

Catching up a bit

Focus then breathe

Time to go

Icy whipping winds

Lights in eyes

Shaky but upright

Adrenalin flows

Looking down

Scattered plastic


A pink puddle

The carnage

Warped remains

Etched forever

A memory

Looking above

Perfect clarity


Giving thanks

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