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Mother, Guardian I am thankful, Life is a puzzle of choices.

Updated on December 1, 2015

To be Thankful.


To Thankful, Lessons are an amazing gift.

Ma I thank God for blessing us with Khulu and Gogo Ngobese and Mkhize.

‎I thank you for your faith and being obedient to your parents teachings and the word the holy scriptures.‎
I thank God‎ for all the mercy, the privileges the education.‎the health.‎

The wealth.

The assets.

The house.‎

The obedient and healthy children in our family
all the blessings that are yet to come.‎

I ask God for forgiveness for all my weaknesses short comings.


May I over come all my additions.‎

‎‎‎Ma thank you for teaching how to worship and pray, ‎all the holidays as a child, wild coast sun, strand, Durban, ‎and the encyclopedia.‎

All of daddy's biographies the ones I can recall Gundi and Malcom x and the Latin books of the origin of law and modern democracy.

‎All the good schools.‎

Thank you for my town house.‎‎Thank you for Raising me and all my wonderful siblings
Thank you Mother.

‎‎Most importantly Lord Jesus, Mum, Dad, Guardian ‎and Dad,Gundi ‎ when it is my time to go ‎may I close my eyes, ‎and may I go dwell and worship ‎and the feet of Christ, ‎and rejoice and sing with the other angels.‎

Thank you for all mother, Prof Mkhize. For you for all the good, the Lord has allowed you manifest on this earth.
May all you have worked so hard for, yet effortless with grace of God, may it all be preserved and serve the generations to come.‎


Mother what I have survived, rehab 7 times, was grace, I do not believe in intelligence, I believe in being Thankful, and making peace with the past, and doing your best‎‎.

Regards and Love Nkosinathi
Gods Poet Nkosi


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