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Mother Is The First Word Spoken

Updated on June 6, 2014
Police officer and damaged bicycle
Police officer and damaged bicycle
Awakening to nurses and Doctors
Awakening to nurses and Doctors | Source

A Mothers Worst Nightmare(based on a true story)

Ruthie rode her bicycle after school one sunny day

As Mom worked in the celler

Styling the hair, of neighborhood ladies whom sat in her chair

No one had any idea

Of a Mothers worst nightmare

A knock at the front door echoed through the celler wall

As Ruthies Mom rushed up the stair, calling out "Who could be there?"

Little did she expect a policeman to stand so near

As reality kicked into slow motion

Ruthies mom listened to the notion

Sad words were spoken;

"Your daughter has been hit by a car just across the street, not far"

Ruthies mom turned white with fright, as the room air thickened

Her stomach turned, as she felt sickened

A Mothers worst nightmare

Little did Ruthie know that when she left the house that day

She wouldn't be going back home to stay

Ruthie awoke several weeks later

Surrounded by doctors and nurses

Ruthies first words spoken were, "Mother"

How else would a story like this be told

Bitter and sweet, yet so brief

As I recall

"Mother", was the first word spoken

To my belief

Many years have past

Each day filled with gratitude and pleasures that last

Although the past never forgotten

Tomorrow to begotten

Physical scars are daily reminders of imperfection

So that immortals like me carry more compassion

Written by LEGold


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