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Mother Nature's Beautiful Bliss.

Updated on February 10, 2017

Mother nature's beautiful bliss.

The wind that blow with the softness of a strong hiss.

Grass of greenery flower's beautiful face all set to be.

Showing in ways with pretty color smiles for all to see.

With a magnitude of colors and array of choice.

A different description of petals showing buzzing bees and then you will see butterflies that make no noise.

All kinds of birds flying with some staying in the air.

With wings expand with the beauty of strong color flare.

Trees all growing some with fruits of delight.

Some just bearing pretty leaves in the sun's glistening light.

Natural waterfalls are always a beautiful sight.

With water that cut through the rocks with skills of carpentry just right.

Water glistening as it flows.

It goes fast faster and then slow.

Flowing on the slippery rocks.

Over the end and then it drops.

Mother nature's natural flow.

Making things all pretty and brilliant to grow.

Spreading them high and wide.

To bring comfort to the eyes of man woman girl boy and child.

Precious are her gems.

With such brilliance in them.

Created with class.

And some look like pretty glass.

Buried treasure is hidden with no show.

Deep down in the earth's rocks each gem develop and grow.

Like pretty ribbons on a girl's head.

Gems all secured in rocks that make up their bed.


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