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Mr.Nandan Nilekani - Adhaar Card he made in 1 year to 1220200000 people.

Updated on February 21, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Best Thing our PM has done.


On Saturday, Aug 29, Nandan Nilekani held a meeting with state's chief secretary Sudhakar Rao and other officers.

Rao said, "He has discussed about the project with different departments of the Union government and is now interacting with state level officials. He expressed his desire to start the pilot project in Karnataka. We've happily agreed for it."

Department’s Principal Secretary M N Vidyashankar said, "Karnataka will be the first state in the country wherein the multi-purpose ID numbers will be rolled out. The entire state will be covered under the pilot project."

"Nilekani has made it clear that the UIAI will not be issuing any card. States will have to decide the use of the data bank," he added.

K E E P R E A D I N G.

No UID - No Driving License,No Passport,No Bank Account,No Money Transfer,No Gas,No Credit Card,No phone,No Internet,No PO Saving account,No Insurance,No Loan,Can't buy your 2 or 4 wheeler,Can't register your new Home,Can't pay your taxes,Can't take your new born home from hospital with out the new ID for your baby,no birth certificate,no death certificate,Yes,you may go to jail,as without a UID you may be a person Non Grata or even may be considered as a terrorist, you will 'Q' for your ID.

Smart Cards / Number.

Mr.Nandan Nilekani - A Intellectual Giant in Govt is now as Chairperson of UIDAI authority he has a new Bangaloreian to Indian identity now .I am proud to say that my father had worked under Mr.Nandan Nilekani's father,when his father was General Manager of 2 Textile Mills in Bangalore.My father was much impressed by Mr.Nandan Nilkini father (here after mentioned as Nilekani) the name that was on the lips of all the employees of the two giant textile mills in Bangalore namely Minerva Mills and Mysore Mills.

Why was my father impressed was on account of the project that Mr.Nilekani gave to the management.The two textile mills were located in two different places and before Mr.M.R.Nilekani joined the mills,Mysore Mills was transporting their gray cloth to be processed and returned back from Minerva Mills to be sold by Mysore Mills.

Mysore Mills had a problem created by the Govt on payment of Excise duty on goods produced and sold.Mysore Mills could not process their gray cloth as they had to use the surplus capacity of the processing machines installed at Minerva Mills both being the two arms of the same management.The Gray Cloth had to go over road a distance of several kilometers by tractor.The tractor had to exit and enter the two mills again and again and had to maintain accounts as to how much has gone to Minerva Mills and how much was sent back,this problem was also due to Govt insisting on payment of excise duty before any goods are sent out of the mills.

A govt excise dept officer would be present at the main gate to watch the goods going out.The Mills did not care for all these rules and regulations of the govt and were happily going on doing this exercise since they were making heavy profits.Mr.M.R.Nilekani's project was to avoid keeping huge tractor loads of gray cloth as process inventory also occupying space besides blocking working capitol and losing interest and his project was of making a common entrance with a tunnel underground which could save millions of Rupees and increase profits.Everyone was wondering how this could be done.

Mr.M.R.Nilekani had a solution for every problem.However the management was confused and the project never did come off from the blue print.To day the two mill are closed and is grabbed by builder mafia with the help of politicians and bureaucrats in Govt of India controlled National Textile Corporation.If the project of Mr.Nilekani was implemented perhaps the two mills would have been the eyes in textiles at Bangalore.

I had to mention this because I had a stint in these mills as Production Manager for just one year and was transferred to another mills.That is the NTC of India in Red now making huge losses.

Mr.Nandan Nilekani was a giant in IT industry's global scenario,he was in the "100 Most Influential People"(2009) list published by Time Magazine and it was he along with his boss and others in the team who were all responsible for creating a international company with Bangalore as its base and turning Bangalore as the Silicon Vally of India.Now after making his company a world leader in IT services he is going to head a new Mission which was and which looked,impossible he will remove the first 2 alphabets-im-and give us a identity which needs no key for any lock that we may face in our blessed country.Let's Welcome our PM's move to create the Unique Identification Smart Card.It may not be a card but only a number that will be universal and you enroll once you get a number for your life time.

I say Nandan Nilekani is a intellectual giant for his established records in Infosys but the way he started his work even before joining his duty in visiting the cursed petroleum ministry to get the identity of cooking Gas consumers across the country.What an IDEA setji that I did not even imagine,he has issued Identity Cards to millions of people all over India in one go in his mind before even he could sit in his new chair in Vigyan Bhavan.His move will be so stealthy so fast,I am sure we will get our cards on his first Anniversary of celebration as " what shall I say " a super Indian born to lead our country.He will get his next catch with telephone users,Cell phone,Ration Cards,Voters Card,Credit Card,Pan Card,Passport,Car Owners,Motor Bike Guys,Property Tax payers,Registered Business Establishment of Industries Owners,as also Commercial tax payers,Transporters,Hotels 5 Star to Reg Health Eateries in the Nukads, Advocates,Doctors,Chartered Accounts,Police,Army,Air force,Navy,Paramilitary,Border Security Force,Postal Employees,Railway Employees,Public Sector Employees,Film Industry personals,Govt and Private Hospitals and you can add as many as you think.How Mr.Nandan Nilekani will design this card which will be so smart that no bogus card could be made like our Voters ID or Ration Cards.Let alone others like Driving License or Passport or documents which our famous criminal Teligi so easily could make and Currency which could be xeroxed so no bank could recognize.

Mr.Nandan Nilakani, we the Hubbers send you all the best in your endeavor to give us a Smart ID Card which,will be a proud to posses.Your birth day falls on June 2nd 2010 can we enjoy the day remembering you with your UID card in our purse.

It is now published in press that our ID will be only a number and there will not be any card more than 30% of our population will bet the number sooner than expected and all in perhaps under 3 years.The New born will perhaps get it as soon as they are born since the number would be made available by authorized persons over Internet.

Holding the position as Chairman of UNIQUE Identification Authority of India ( UIDAI ) his entire salary that he draws which will be that of a Union Cabinet Minister,may be in several millions, he donates it to a Charity.

Mr.Nandan Nilekini.

Mr.Nandan Nilekini. Chairperson,UID Authority of India,Vigyan Buildings,New Delhi. Photo:- Courtesy - Wikipedia.
Mr.Nandan Nilekini. Chairperson,UID Authority of India,Vigyan Buildings,New Delhi. Photo:- Courtesy - Wikipedia.


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    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      ...just stumbled upon this. I'm intrigued. We dislike such policy here in the US. While I see the merits of said technology, do you feel your government can be trusted with such power?

      I am not at all slandering; I myself do not know much about said government.

      I'd be happy to know more!

      On another note, I think that if you broke up your text here a bit (and added some spacing) it would be easier on the eyes.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Comments are Free.Do Comment on this world's first UID

    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      No Comments by any Hubber to such a Giant Intelect,leastwise some Hubber could have said Welcome to you on Hub.