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Mrs Gloria

Updated on March 24, 2016

I am not the type that poke into peoples' affairs especially in places like Restaurants but honestly i couldn't hold but kept glancing at this set the moment i walked into the joint. They weren't making noise despite their number, the kids were well comported but their size was something to attract even the blind and without being told, one need not to ask who is who because their Mum seemed to be in control but what baffled me was their number. They were nine in total.

I kept glancing at them every now and then and without being told, i knew that they were members of one family because you could feel the love amongst them, they were all very happy and the younger ones showed no mercy to the pizza portions handed over to them. Lots of processed questions began aching my busy brain as i tried to figure out if actually the kids were cousins or biological siblings. I didn't know what to think after all it's none of my business.

Well, i couldn't hold my curiosity and i guess it might have happened to you sometime, you know those moments when something truly hit your instincts and you become anxious then inside you, feel this urge to know more about that thing. Honestly, i fell in love with the leader of this unit because controlling a squad such as hers isn't easy and every parent will agree with me on this. I mean if this woman is the Mother of these Kids, then she must be a Colonel in the Army so as i rounded up my own pizza, i walked up to their table and waved at them. They all greeted me back smiling then this conversation followed up...

Me: Madam, sorry for intruding but please how do you manage this?

She understood exactly what i meant so she replied...

Madam: It's not easy but i am trying my best

Me: Out of curiosity, please are they all your kids?

Madam: Yea, they are all my kids

Me: Wow! I thought as much, my sister, you are truly blessed to have this wonderful kids

Madam: They are my joy, my world and my everything. Thanks for the compliment

Me:It's not just a compliment because i envy you and wish that this is my family

Madam: You are funny sir

Me: It's a pleasure meeting you guys, i don't know how to describe how i feel but i love you guys, stay blessed okay

They all happily gestured at me as i made my exit. I left the Restaurant filled but it wasn't because i ate a large pizza alone but the joy of the wonderful family, the love they share filled up the entire restaurant and i was fortunate to be a partaker. As i made it to the car lot,something inside me seemed unsatisfied and the more i tried to put myself together the more the urge to get to know this family very well. Honestly, i have never felt this way for anyone so all i did was to turn and walk back into the restaurant.

I realized that there was another large pizza on their table as i walked back in so i was like; Oh! they are really here to eat. They all smiled as they saw me, then i winked direct at their Mum and showed her my cell phone as i spoke. I told her that i forgot to take her number because i want to keep in touch with them, she smiled and without hesitation, called out her cell number which i quickly recorded then i begged to take their pic and was delighted when their was no objection so i took a quick shot and felt so relieved and satisfied then fared them well and left.

Thoughts of this wonderful family gave me no space throughout the day, then later same day, i gave her a call, it was just a formal call per se. Well, i kept in touch as i wanted and what i would find out about this family is something rare to find especially in Africa society because if everyone has a heart such as that of Mrs Gloria, this world would be a better place, it is so so so rear to find people like her, people that believe in humanity and people whose desire is to make others happy perhaps this woman carries nothing but happiness all over her because honestly, the very first time i met her was a different day in my life because i have never felt the way i felt that day.

Mrs Gloria lost her husband just two years after their wedding and their short marriage produced a baby girl but she went on to adopt seven more children and she adopted all her children when they were tender, the oldest amongst them was four months old when she adopted her. Anyway, i just felt like sharing this wonderful family with you because they approved it and i believe that you feel happy reading about them because my day is brightened as i am writing and i believe that yours is also brightened as you read. If you are happy then simply share this because it will make someone else happy.

Do not break this chain of love, someone else need to smile so feel free to share.


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