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Muddy Mess

Updated on August 17, 2010

Muddy Mess

 Cold, clampy, dead memories of you sometimes

haunt me in my uncontrollable dreams

you are gone from this world but in my memories unfortunately you remain

how do i erase you

how do i kill you from my mind ?

you smeared my childhood, you mixed tangled and weaved

a dirty web with my life

dreams of you awakened me last night

I thanked God for your  non existence, I thanked God for

your death

I thanked God you can do no harm any longer

my dreams are just dreams trying to stay alive within me

but my soul is so much stronger than you ever thought it would be

your memories can not over power me or sink me into the muddy mess

that my life used to be

the anger the hate the disgust all died the day you did

from the muddy mess, i got up took a shower and now im smiling

crystal clean




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