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Mum’s Pep Talk to Her Daughters #7

Updated on July 18, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Mrs Ife Lawrence
Mrs Ife Lawrence | Source

It is a narrative poetry of a mother who starts to talk to her daughters after much pressurizing from one of them to tell them how she can get a good spouse, because she wants a lovely family like the family where she is being raised up.

Her father is a no-nonsense man, he gets

All his children occupied always. For a child

Who is not preoccupied with something, she, or he

Is doing at home or in the school soon the hands

Of such a child would be employed by the devil. He

Would not allow for this, hence he ensures that each

One of them is engaged daily. In the recent times it

Has however been noticed that a man has relocated to

The area, and soon started worshiping in the same church

That this family worships in. The family likes the conduct

Of this young man who unlike some other youths who are

Worshiping in that church minds his own business, hardly

Mingles with anyone, enters the church, and leaves as if he

Knows nothing about what religion is about, he acts like a naïve

Person to the faith and church attendance, like someone who is

Watching each person to learn something new from them,

Yea to learn about the model of worshiping the God he has been

Recently not too distantly. Her father likes such people and would

Have to move near him, to become acquainted with him to

Know more about him, perhaps he will open himself unto him

He thinks and they shall be good friends, after all he also does

Not have friends in that church expect people he talks with.

After the service one day, he moves close to him and talks with

The young man, his response to all his discussion sounds,

Intriguing and would see him some other time. That was how the

Friendship began and soon the young man started visiting the man’s

House. Getting familiar with the family members and children.

The first day that the young man visited the man’s house and his

First daughter sets her eyes on him, her heart skips a beat, with her

Missing her steps and the water she has in the wine cup for the visitor

Would have tripped off the tray on which the cup was placed and

Poured off assuming the wall was not close by which she used to support

The tray. Her father would ask her to be careful which she appreciated

Her father for the comment, but deep within her she knows that she

Was careful enough, but something strange has just happened to her,

What she has not experienced before since she comes of age she has

Experienced that day. After placing the tray on the stool beside the

Young man she will quickly leave the place so that the obvious

Palpitation of her heart would not be noticed by this stranger. Who could

He be, she thinks within herself as she leaves her father with the Young

Man to the kitchen where she has been before she was called to come and

Serve the visitor. Her mind races to and fro about the visitor as she continues

With her work, this must be a strange man, with special qualities, she thinks

To herself. Her restlessness to know more about the young man grew every

Second after the young man left their family that day and would one day ask about

Him from his father. Sensing nothing her father told her everything she knows

About the young man. Then her interest for him continues to wax hot than ever before.

This kind of signal is strange, is this what is called love? She asks herself.

(Other stories she shared with her daughter for them to know that what works for person Q may not work for person X would be shared in other articles)



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