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Murder in the Suburbs "The Finale"

Updated on February 22, 2015

Murder in the suburbs "The Finale"

Detective Ramsey walked into Rolands Hospital. He was there to meet Robert Goldberg, Bill Peterson's superior and also the hospital Administrator. Ramsey sat in the waiting room lobby and was greeted by Goldberg. Goldberg was a tall man, exceeding six feet. He had jet black hair, pointy nose and wore a very expensive suit. "Follow me detective" he said as they went down a large hallway past several administration offices. When they finally reached their destination Goldberg motioned for Ramsey to sit across from his desk, as he took a seat as well.

"So detective you want to talk to me about the murder of Lucinda Peterson?" He asked. "Well actually I am looking to confirm Bill Peterson's alibi?" Ramsey said. Goldberg opened his desk drawer and came out with a piece of paper and handed it to Ramsey. "What's this?" Ramsey asked. "It's Bill's time card printed out, I had my secretary print it for you. As you can see he was here all night and there are many other personnel who work on the ICU that can without a doubt say Bill was here. Your barking up the wrong tree detective, Bill is a good guy, exceptional nurse and cares about people." "I didn't say I thought he did it Mr. Goldberg, but I still have to check his alibi." Ramsey said.

"Well good Detective then were done here right?" "No we are not, I still have some questions". Ramsey said as he took out his pad and pen. "What kind of husband was he?" "Don't know he was private never talked about his personal life." "So what did he talk about?" Ramsey eyed the Administrator waiting for an answer." "Work and nothing more." "How long has he worked here?" Ramsey asked. "Five years next month". Goldberg replied. "How did you find him?" "Well Detective that's the funny part, one day his resume was on my desk. My secretary didn't know who left it there." "You didn't find that strange?" "No, I was in need of an evening nurse and I figured some employee left it there." "So you hired him?" "Yes Detective he does work here and his references checked out."

"So you know nothing else about this man?" Ramsey asked annoyed. "No Detective, all I need to know is he is a good nurse and does his job." Goldberg got a phone call and Ramsey knew this was Goldberg's way of dismissing him. Ramsey left the hospital on his way to the precinct. As he drove he wondered how two great nurses as both employers stated, had never talked about their personal life.

On his way to meet the mysterious co-worker, Ramsey got a call from Grimms. "What you got for me Grimms?" "Well Bill I checked out both the wife and husband". "Yeah and what you come up with?" Ramsey asked as he pulled into the precinct parking lot. "Up until five years ago which is when they both got their jobs, their home, their cars, you name it what ever they have these two people didn't exist." Ramsey shut the ignition off. "What do you mean they didn't exist?" "That's it Bill, no paperwork until five years ago."

Ramsey shut his phone and walked into the precinct and met with Grimms. "No trace of any Lucinda and Bill Peterson?" "None, these two people up until they moved to the suburbs didn't exist. "Where's the co-worker it's 4:00 pm?" "In your office waiting for you." Grimms replied.

Ramsey walked into his office to greet a skinny blond woman wearing scrubs. Detective Ramsey he said as he extended his hand. Melinda Reynolds, she stated. "So what can you tell me about this case, because so far I have nothing Ms. Reynolds." "I can tell you that Lucinda Peterson is not Lucinda Peterson, her name is Roxanne Robertson and she and her husband are in the witness protection plan. Ramsey eyed the skinny blond for any sign of deceit.

"Are you telling me that who ever killed her had to do with the case she was going to testify against?" "Yes, she's from New York, they both are and yes they are really married. She was going to testify against the drug cartel." "How do you know all this, Ms. Reynolds?" "You don't believe me do you Detective?" "Well it is a bit far fetched." Melinda searched through her purse and pulled out a badge. "Detective I am well what should have been her bodyguard. My name is of course changed as well. You see I am NYPD and for five years have been protecting her or so tried. The man who picked her husband up was not his brother, he also is NYPD. Here is my badge and here is a number. Call the number and give my badge number.

Ramsey picked up his phone and did what she said. After five minutes on the phone with the NYPD some of whom know Ramsey from his days their, it was all verified. Ramsey hung up the phone. "So what happened, why weren't you their?" "Because detective I was tricked, I received a phone call from the hospital stating her husband was injured." "Who called you?" "Another detective on the case, who has since disappeared, so yes I left my post and well you know the rest." "Your detective became a rat after five years, why?" Ramsey asked. "Money, records show bank transfer to his account?" She replied.

"Now what Ms. Reynolds?" Where's the husband?" "Out of state in a safe place." "So you think for now until they find him". She gave Ramsey an evil eye. "Don't make this harder on us, we lost one witness, we won't lose the other." "Case closed Detective Ramsey." "Case closed, I have a murder in my district." "Yes you do, but the paperwork is on it's way and your killer has confessed." "Your covering this up?" Ramsey said annoyed. "It's already been done, check with your superiors." She got up from her seat and headed for the door. She stopped and turned to face him. "Your well known in NYPD Ramsey, why'd you come to this small town. Are you in hiding also Ramsey?

Ramsey looked at her and felt contempt. "If I was Ms. Reynolds, I wouldn't want you to be my protector." She looked at him with disgust and slammed the door behind her.

Ramsey's fax printed out ten pages of information from his superior and five more from New York. It was everything needed to close the case of the murder of the suburban nurse. The so called Lucinda Peterson. Ramsey threw it in the wastebasket.

He looked out his window and the sky was getting dark and cloudy. A storm was coming. He thought about all the time, effort and manpower spent on a case that gets closed by one simple phone call. He thought about what Ms. Reynolds said about Ramsey being missed in New York.

He did miss it. He knew it, but what he didn't miss was the people. He made the right choice to leave the city life. This was his home now, his territory and he owned it.

The End


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    • lisavanvorst profile image

      Lisa VanVorst 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Thank you Frank for reading the three part series. I tried something new and was pleased with it.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      This little series you ran was actually a thrillfest for me.. bravo up and shared my friend...:)