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Muscle Upon Psychosis

Updated on November 8, 2016

Muscle upon madness, break her jawline into a most faultless distortion. Nail upon finger, ah how they clinch into bone and membrane as one. Um, she spies with her little, heavenly eye, the reenactment of conception before birth, for that is their mirth and I stand soundless at their door-frame. Muscle upon madness, we are one with the animals above! Sweat and smile, um the pile grows deeper. Muscle upon madness, her performance is ladylike, violent and submissive toward him. Muscle upon madness, lead her underneath the clutch of teeth and bravery! The passing is final and I discover myself right within the middle of love stone and blood stone. Muscle upon madness, I am their shadow. I am their lover; I am their lesson. For I, with legs and heart spread extensively open, I am their bitch; their faultless daughter.


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