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Mutt and Jeff Comic Strip

Updated on October 7, 2010

Mutt and Jeff was a popular comic strip that was in syndication for 75 years from 1907 to 1982 and can still be seen regularly even now. It has sometimes been claimed as the first daily comic strip to appear featuring the same recurring characters on a daily basis.

The strip originally drawn by Bud Fisher and only featured one character A. Mutt but after a year the second main character Jeff appeared. The strip continued to be drawn by Fisher and featured in a number of papers until 1932 when Fisher lost interest and handed over the writing to Al Smith who would continue to write the strip for almost 50 years.

Mutt and Jeff
Mutt and Jeff

Characters in Mutt and Jeff

Augustus Mutt - one of the main characters of the strip a tall, dimwitted spiv who is a fanatic horse-race gambler and is motivated purely by greed. Has numerous get-rich quick schemes

Jeff - the second half of the duo Mutt's small sidekick who was an inmate of an insane asylum and shares Mutt's passion for horseracing and gambling. Usually involved in some manner in Mutts hair brained schemes. Jeff was short and bald. Allegedly has no last name, often stating the fact that his name is "just Jeff — first and last and always is Jeff."

Mrs Mutt - who is only known by her formal name and Mutt always refers to as "M'love".

Cicero - allegedly Mutt's son although the provenance of this is unsure.

Julius - is Jeff's twin brother. They look so much alike that Jeff, who can't afford to have a portrait painted, sits for Julius, who is too busy to pose.

Other pals of Mutt and Jeff are Gus Geevem, Joe Spivis and the english Sir Sidney.

Mutt and Jeff's Legacy

Mutt and Jeff have been immortalised in popular culture long beyond their fame in the newspapers.

Mutt and Jeff or simply "Mutton" is popular Cockney Rhyming Slang for Deaf.

The old "Good Cop - Bad Cop" police interrogation technique is often referred to as the Mutt and Jeff interrogation technique.

Mutt and Jeff were the codenames for a couple of World War Two spies


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    • profile image

      roger boodoo 6 years ago

      the best comic strip ever...none to top this or even come close ..even up to today!!