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My Ain True Love is Angel-Like

Updated on July 13, 2009

Our Heaven-sent Angel...

When I mention Kathleen (Kate), the immediate mind-associaton is centered on many a significant blessing. Try this, think of someone. What immediately comes to mind? This is truly your opinion of them. The next time you think you are not sure about how you feel about someone simply do this! This is profound and will be wise council to your friends and family...

You see (I associate) Kate to much more than just a name. She is my "ain true love", she is our family's love, a good spirit, a wonderful mother to 3 wonderful young adults, a wonderful daughter to her parents, a beautiful sister who listens to her brothers' rants, bright, intelligent, lively, my personal trainer, tolerator of my hockey-habit, feisty, timely-help, selfless sacrifice, kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, prayerful, loveliness, beautiful, erotic to me, sympathetic shoulder, not a push-over, a swift kick when needed, wise council, knowledgeable, an effective teacher to many, a great beacon of light, the one who brought me closer to God and profoundly and significantly with the grace of God, my first association/sight when I awoke from my coma (in 2003). Yes, Kate is our childrens' and John's source of many, many blessings...

Our family without our oldest (she was at college out of state)


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    • connorj profile image

      John Connor 8 years ago from Altamonte Springs

      Hi Brenda (Scully),

      Thank you for your comment. Some of us and I actually needed and received a "good jolt" to the head to knock some God-sense into me. You appear to be in the other side of the business that I was fortunate to be in. ALthough I had a complete recovery (massive bleed to the frontal lobe) most are not as fortunate. I had to learn everything all over again before I continued my practice, professed (once again) and more importantly could play mens hockey again with other immature boys (not unlike the lads you describe in football...).

      I am originally from Canada. Scully's Ice Cream is/was a landmark up in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. My close friend (in childhood was Rod Hillen; his uncle owned Scully's Ice Cream). The only reason I am sharing this with you is because in some unusual/trivial way this may/might be our association.

      However, there is more, all 3 of my daughters competed in Irish Step dancing through a School called Tir na Greine in Florida. My 2 youngest (brats) still compete. The reason I refer to tem as BRATS is because they wear/possess this terrible and hideous t-shirt that states: If Irish Step Dancing was easy it would be called ice hockey! Two members of their school have gone to World's... in Ireland and Scotland (our girls have not made it (yet). My wife (and you are correct about her) is also a closet-Celt - freak and has brought me back in touch with my true roots. She lives and breathes anything Celtic...


      John Connor

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      kate......... that name will stick in my mind forever sounds like a great woman nice hub......