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My Confession:Her Eyes,Orbs Of Emerald Majesty

Updated on July 31, 2013
James-wolve profile image

Tijani Achamlal is an English Teacher in Nador, Morocco.He studied English Literature in Mohamed 1 Univ .

I was kissed once
by a sexy hot teacher
all blond and
captured perfection, a trophy to naughtiness

Walking through the school hall
doors classes closed,
No headmaster in sight,no students to bathroom flew
Heavy silence fell off on the ground instead
Like a rock from the shaggy hill.,
except her highheels clickclacks sound behind me sprouted
Whispering “when will we find a
place to feel each other?”

The funny thing I tried to rush into a nearest class
like from a monster
But she caught me from my back
just in few steps
and threatened if I screamed
-bad mark ,of course ,in my next French exam -
I followed her like a slave
into women's locker room
where she set me courteously
on a bench
kissed me for
my beautiful,
milky skin.
like a hummingbird
She was eager and quick, desperately trying
to satisfy a desire
that kept beckoning
her body
to crash
against mine
before somebody broke into
and caught us both red-handed
She peeled off my clothes
like she peeled the skin
off a fruit,
for a core,my treasure
that l vowed to God to keep
hidden and intact
till marriage
I failed under my first fiery trail,
God's forgiveness!!
like a puppet on a string
I was under her control
waiting orders
when to plough
and where to sow my seeds
" on a moist soil beneath
or in a creamy pie-hole above"
I wondered
but not for long.
My little admiral winky ,suddenly
jumped spastically and ached
when she touched its cap
swallowed it deep throat
I felt floating
for the first time in my life
emerging into a golden era
before my due time
but clouds foamed up
over the floating feeling,
cloaking me over
kicking me out quickly
when I filled her mouth in white gold
and more like snakes,
under my skin
Into my blood
lashing destruction in one go
of every cell
of every tissue
of my Immune system
when she left in haste.
She had a class,she said
Her eyes ,orbs of emerald majesty
I still remember
no matter how long it's been.


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