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My Dance With Eve.

Updated on April 6, 2010

Tonight was a balm

brushed softly

through  new leaves

to grace my face.


Sweet scented April

wooed me

with a perfume

only a goddess would wear,

as I stood in the middle

of my two acres

clad only in

a bathing suit.


Immersed in

the warmth

of a spring welling

up around me while

my neighbors if they

had seen me

would have thought

me rather strange

and they would

have been right. 


I do not fit amidst

these natural elements

I am an intruder

who delights

in his trespass.


Just a speck

of flesh

in the middle

of a vast field

miles from


savoring the

night's call.


I could almost  see

others all over the world

standing somewhere

outside in their skivvies,

nightgowns, tighty whities

panties and bras.


Clothing is optional

on the cusp of

Aprils warm breath.


Perhaps even

in Baghdad

men in their

government issued

green boxer shorts

stand weaponless

gazing at the peace

only the night can bring

when April dances in.


Even tiny infants

cribbed behind bars

stir in their sleep

limbs reaching...

s  t  r  e  t  c  h  i  n  g

towards the window,

longing to be out there

in mother earth's

most cuddling womb.


I wanted to

dance through

fresh shoots of grass,

leaping over wildflowers

that were just peeping out

from a long sleep.


No moon tonight

it faces away

from such beauty

hiding it's

airless desolation.


I wanted to just kiss

something, someone

but I was alone

and trees are not tender

to human embraces

so I just stood there

absorbing it all

letting it sway my spirit

into physical words.


I have been

here before

many years passed

when I often fled

to such nights

and suckled 

their sweetness

as a child

of the projects

savoring a dessert

even poor folks

could enjoy.


I have known

many Aprils

even dated a few

of the human kind

but tonight this April

rivals all in a

marriage of flesh

and fortune

at simply being alive

and watching the season

become the true reason

that I write.


















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    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 

      8 years ago from Calcutta

      Thanks for a precise poetic snapshot of your imagination felt deeply.

      Your conviction of reality is a poetic one and your gift of expression makes it articulate for us to follow and relate to.

      We are lucky, we have you in our midst to tell us and even better, remind us who we are.

      Such a great task can only be performed by poetry and then such poetry needs to be married to a poet like you.

      I am an ardent fan.


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