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My Days...

Updated on August 25, 2010


Sunshine and laughs

Friends always around

A kitten that loves me

And a quiet little town,

Mom and Dad happy together

Little brother growing up fast

Rain on the perfect days

Pictures from my past,

Poems flowing like water

From my soul through my heart

Music about love in my ears

And people waiting for their lives to start,

Holding hands

Kissing too

Snuggling Closely

Love that’s new,

Smiles on their faces

The children running around

Making someone’s life happy

Just by their sound,

The blue sky holds it all

The satisfaction of the world

The magic of the moment

When a boy meets a girl,

Then why doesn’t my day

Bring me a smile?

I haven’t been held

In quite a while.

I can laugh and play

But nothing lasts,

Because my desire is away

My feelings are masked.

The world around me

Has everything for everyone else,

But I have to build my own fortress

And take my love for myself.

I wait with patience

And a hope and a prayer

That one night soon

You’ll be there.

I convince myself that

Once you are, you won’t leave

And maybe our family

Will have a chance to succeed.

I promise myself that you are the one

You are worth all the current pain,

I just hope that when you get back

You won’t be changed.

I want my lover back

To keep me safe at night.

I need him to keep his promises

And to make me feel right.

I want to show the world

It isn’t always what it seems,

And that we knew we’d make it all along

And that it’s not just some dream.


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    • Huey19 profile image

      Amy 7 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you both for your comments, I'm just gettin back into the swing of things. But I took my cue when emotions were running high! Glad you both liked it!

    • Nater28 profile image

      Nater28 7 years ago

      Amazing, truly. I think its my favorite that Ive read of yours Amy, this and the one about drinking.

    • profile image

      brooke 7 years ago

      Love love LOOOVE it!