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My Dear Kappu

Updated on June 19, 2020
Chatra Ram Lahua profile image

CHATRA RAM is a good writer, he also works with goat rearing, hence giving information about goat rearing here.

Introduction To The Story

The title of this story is My Dear Kappu. Kappu is the name of a goat's baby. This poem revolves around the goat child, which I have named Kappu with great fervor. That goat is probably six to seven months old now. From my perspective, this is probably the most valuable gift in the world to me. In modern times there is hardly any person who does not love animal birds, every person loves animal birds, loves them, and takes care of them, all these qualities are found in humans only. Today I am going to share a similar story with you which is related to my life. This story will be very enjoyable for animal lovers.

This photo of that cute goat kid.
This photo of that cute goat kid.

My Dear Kappu

Once upon a time, when she Kappu is only five months old, at that time, suddenly he becomes ill due to excessive food, so he stops chewing for three days, we cannot even drink water because drinking water says if The animal that eats grains grows in his stomach, so his life is in danger, so we did not give him water for three days, but for three days the laughter joke in our house is over which with our beloved Kappu we Used to do. For three days, we took all measures to get him out of this crisis so that he could become our Kappu like before. We tried her Ayurvedic treatment in every way to save her, so we fed her mustard oil, which helped her to get the grains she had eaten in her stomach. Mustard oil is a treatment that if an animal eats too much grain, the grain that is in its stomach stops growing and helps to expel it through feces. Apart from this, we do not know for him how many crises we have faced in these three days, which we will hardly remember throughout our ages. After all these remedies, when she was the Kappu corrected and today it is seven months old and it remains a source of entertainment for all of us and keeps playing with us. Kappu loves us all. She teaches all of us how to play. Today my Kappu is healthy and today she is with us all. God bless him.

Moral Of The Story

We should understand the pain and suffering of our pets and never torture them.

There are animals in this world only then there is life...


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.



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