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My Decision: The Rich Man’s Daughter’s Story #2

Updated on July 9, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Ms Taiwo
Ms Taiwo | Source

Where the creditors have taken her, according to the report they

Have heard, she is being maltreated there, and has lost her beauty because

Of the maltreatment as if that is not enough, sometimes the creditor

Do have carnal knowledge of her. They do not want this to continue

With their daughter, they have made appeal to the creditor, to take them

Instead or take over their company for it is better to return to their penury

Status than hear those things they were doing to their daughter happening

To her, but those people would not listen to him, because what was in

Their agreement was that their daughter would bear the brunt if they could

Not pay back their loans as at when due. When those people heard this,

They do not want to become a slave with someone whom they do not know

And who would maltreat them for that length of years. They started saying

To themselves that who told them that they would also not be rich?

Why are they focusing her? If they work hard, they would also be rich

While some say, they do not know that her parents were not wealthy

That the fulcrum of their wealth hinges on loans from different places

How would they give their lives for hers, and for all you known given their

Lives, the maiden may again turn back and say they do not love them again

With this and many excuses, all of them concluded that if they could

Use that years to serve themselves, before the maiden gets back they would

Have become rich, or at least contented themselves. Thus, none of them

Returned to tell her parents of their interest in the maiden again.

Having screened all out, the father asks her to continue to live with

His mother, while they hope for something positive. It was when she

Was living with her grandmother that she finds someone to be

Married to. The person was a laborer employed by one of the farmers

In the village, while discharging his duties one day, he saw the

Lady and takes interest in her, and that was how they started.

He did not know about her father’s wealth, all he knows was that

She lives with one old woman who is averagely okay. Whenever

Commercial Vehicle Garage, Nigeria
Commercial Vehicle Garage, Nigeria | Source

They are talking she would be complaining about how her

Grandmother used to maltreat her, and would say creditors have

Taken away her father when her grandmother could not repay her

Debt. Her mother has to leave her when she cannot withstand

How her grandmother was treating her to go and work in another

Village to raise money with her father to quickly pay the loan

And the man be freed, and they would be living together as family

Again. The man would feel sorry for her and would say fate has

Destined that to happen and she should keep enduring. She never left

Her some other things she does to push him away never pushed

Him away. And her grandmother from her experience discovers that

The man really loves her, that was when they invited him when her

Parents would be around, and they were married. After this person

Told this lady about this story, she started thinking about something

Like that, she has her life to live, and she must not marry a wrong man.

After serious thought she told her parents that she wants to live

For rural area where she will not be known by anyone and does not

Want to be attached to any member of the family until she gets a man

Who really loves her. Her father was happy for her decision, they

Took her to court to swear an affidavit of ownership of another

Papers for she would need that for other things that may require

Registration where she is going. Exceedingly early in the morning after

Everything has been concluded, she left for car park where she board

A commercial vehicle to another village extremely far away from her

Parents or those who may know her. When she gets to the place

She started seeking for where to stay. She told them she was from

An island close to her parent’s, and things have not been easy with

Her parents recently, and she decides to leave them to start her

Own life. People would point out that she should have stayed in

The island of her parents that she would secure clean jobs there,



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