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My Decision: The Rich Man’s Daughter’s Story #4

Updated on July 9, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Says they should give it a trial. They started the courtship but

She ensures that she does not know anything about her parents,

Even when her parents or any of her siblings call, they will be

Talking on the phone in coded languages which he cannot

Understand and if she notices that she may be decoded she will

Reply that please call me back or I will call you back sir or ma.

She preserves her cover. Her iPhone was kept in her inner bag

Which they man considers it is her secret bag and would never touch

Because he does not want to do anything stupid that would piss her off

And would make her break the relationship for he was indeed

Madly in love with her. They have been romantically involved for

About 8 months and the maiden sees that he really loves her, thence

She told him one day that if he wants to marry him, she will

Take him to her parents. He was happy to hear this and would tell

Her that, what she has just said has been what he has been waiting for

All this months. But since I have promised not to grieve you, that

Was why I did not bring it up, because I do not want to hurt your feelings,

I want it to come from you. Now that it has come from you, when do we

Go to him he asks. She said they can leave that day, but because of

Time, her parents would not want her to get to them at night. They can

Leave the following day. So soon, the man said, what about your work?

She said she has taken permission from her master that she will be

Traveling. The man says she should let him take permission from his

Work place too. He also took permission and they left on the third day

She told the man that he will know why she says he cannot marry

Him that day. The man said, he has been eager to know that and he

Should leave the decision to him when they get to her home. Soon they

Get to their island, and her driver has been waiting for her at the

Garage to take her and her visitor to her house. The man was amazed

Because that was not where she has called her island, her island is


Yet about 50 kilometers away, but she told him that he should not

Worry, they should go. The man knows she cannot kill him and people

Know whom she has traveled with. The man would again see another

Surprise when he sees that a driver has gotten out of the car, taken

Her bags from her, bowed to greet her and opened the door for them,

“What is happening?” he asks her. “You said you love me, was that not

What you said?”, she asks him, and he said “yes”, then be patient

Everything will soon be over, and you will decide whether you want

To marry me or not. Then the driver hands over to her latest iPhone

In the world, your parents and sibling say you should call them,

Just dial the daddy’s number and you will be connected with others,

For they are on conference call as we speak. Thanks sir she replied

Her driver as her lover keeps loving in bewilderment, as she

Calls and they started talking, then her parents asks what would she

And her love take so that the servants get those ready before their

Arrival, and she says, she wants to give the phone to him,

As she hands the phone to him he discovers that they were on

Video call, he has not used video call all his life. Where would he

Get such? Who will call him with video? A laborer none of

His friend has such phones, in fact the small one he is using, before

He could buy it, it takes him about six months of daily contribution

With a respectable woman in his village, to raise the money to

But the phone, so how and where would he get the money for android

Phones not to talk about apple phone that he is holding now. His thought

Was cut short by what his spouse’s parents said and he would reply

That she knows what I like, I prefer she answers sir and ma. Okay then

They replied, give it back to him, your fiancé has said you know what

He likes, tell us what to order the house chef to prepare for you, they

Said, she replied them, and they call the chef as they continue to talk

On the phone, “the small mistress is back”, the chef shouted for joy,



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