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My Destined Insanity

Updated on September 1, 2013

My Destined Insanity

The rued stillness of numbing consequences

That defy the deftly logical and sane senses

Dawned upon my being like glaciers

Never merging with submerging piers

I stayed afloat and swam the unsaid miles

I walked immersed on surface amidst smiles

I didn’t have tears to shed with droplets abound

I had but truth defaced as virtues surround

Two souls who sold the plot weren’t to be found

It was this ironic harmony in all dreams around

I moved and shifted my momentum in the moment

That defied the incredulously momentous lament

I emerged, I stayed afloat, I breathed fire in agony

I stayed put, undeterred by unsettling cacophony

I am but a being at the helm of immature clarity

I’d stay alive, perilous, to live the Destined Insanity


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