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My Dinner With Jesus Christ

Updated on October 8, 2013

While attempting to prepare supper last night, which -yes- was my last supper, I spilt a pint of LAGER on some WHOLE WHEAT TOAST.

Somehow I ended up dining with... A pint-sized FATHER , SON and WHOLE WHEAT GHOST.

In fixing supper last night, together I mixed: Minced CRAB and APPLES with a wee dash of CIDER. Surprised I was when I wound up dining with A CRABERNAPPLE CHOIR.

While fixing supper last night, I Mixed together: FUDGE, MINT and handful of DATES. But instead, I wound up dining on FUDGE MINT DAY.

Now THAT was a handful, and too, rather dated.

In fixing myself supper last night, I tried serving up some RIPE CANTALOUPE. But wouldn't you know I instead wound up summoning, some RIPE CATHOLIC POPE.

Not too appetizing...Don't I know.

Then just to be different, and I do mean QUITE different, I mixed NEWTS with some PHEASANT in a true TEST of faith! Yet, strangely enough, and as strange as 'twas, I somehow got mixed up in the THE NEWT TESTAMENT.

That's IT! Yes, that's IT! I'd had me enough!

So, I laid down my spoon and I picked up my phone. I telephoned ‘METROPOLIS' for the night's RESERVATIONS! (Fritz Lang and Reid Basso, for a party of one at the United nations) But somehow I instead ended up chewing 'pon -then reciting- All of GENESIS through REVELATIONS.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hosanna in the getting of the highest, superfly-est.

Surely, I'd dialed wrong, so I put down the phone, and I re-grasped my spoon! I continued mixing and Until coming 'pon one so IMMACULATE, a womb... Uh, slightly used, but nonetheless.

Finally, at the end of the dance -at the end of the ball- The End comes for once and in the end, to us all. So, a pinch for time, I grabbed for a wee dash of spice, I mixed together some CHEESE, with a wee dash of RICE! I soon found myself dining with one wee dashing MR. CHEESUS H. RICE!

I kept on with my mixing of now SAUERKRAUT with some CHEESE and a wee bit of RICE. But 'pon serving my Lord ('hough He found me unnerving) I ended up serving, one very SAUER CHRIST.

"DELICIOUS!" we chimed, as we both reached for seconds. After which the world suddenly laid down all of its weapons.

And we both shared a think, and we each shared a drink; one served in a grail, one served on the brink. And we both sat back to just chew upon that, thought one remained hungry, while the other grew fat.

In a pinch for dessert, though leftovers abound, with only one question in mind to still echo around: What's for dessert? A fruit bowl? Some figs? Perhaps dates... A papaya?


Exactly how is one to go forth, and in doing so, one serve one's Messiah?


© Three Doves Media, LLC.


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