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My Disassociation With Light

Updated on July 27, 2015
Dispersion of Light
Dispersion of Light | Source

Recognize What You Are

I am an empath. Blessed and cursed at the same time. I spent most of my life trying to understand why I saw with these eyes.

My tears fell almost for no reason at all and I always cried.

Fear of filled places and hatred of smiling faces; I hid. In my quiet place in my private space I chose to live.

I can see them and they cannot see me. I hear strange voices and they speak to me. I know the truth when no one has told it to me. I smell sickness as it rises off the diseased.

I am alone. I wander around in my dreams-weightless and with clarity. I stumble with expressing my emotion. I crumble-with every love potion. I crumble a lot…

I am convinced that I was chosen to travel as one. For there is no one like me-not under this sun.

I embraced logical solutions and abandoned what I felt. My heart is a desert and I poured my sands into a bag of felt. I buried it far beneath the surface of my soul.

Away from the light- avoiding the fights that it and my mind would sometimes hold.

I am the whisperer- the one beside you that speaks without saying an audible word. I know that you can hear me-I know that you can feel me. Believe me I know what I know and my transmission of impulses is sharper than any sword.

I can lay silent and imagine you in my thoughts- I can persuade your intentions; I can sway your heart. I take on your aggression and your personality affects my mood. I feel your pain; it makes me hate people-I makes me hate you.

I hope for relief and no end is near. When I sleep I can sense the yelling in my ears. To be born knowing is a heavy load. To have a solo mission in life means to walk a lonely road.

Revelation and discernment follows me all through the year. Things I query are played out for me and I show no fear. No questions remain unanswered I cannot be fooled. From the highest to the lowest of my acquaintances- You just do not know what I have the power to do to you.

I can transfer thoughts, headaches, and love. I can mask my emotions- all I need is a touch or a hug.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks Brian. I love you

    • profile image

      Brian Ford 

      7 years ago

      I loved it.


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