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My Energy

Updated on February 1, 2016

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You are my energy when,

I feel I have been drained.

You are my protector when,

I am lost within myself.

You are my ears when,

I myself can not see

what is in the path ahead.

You are my ears when,

I need someone to listen.

You are my voice when,

I have no words to say.

You are my strength when,

I have none of my own.

You are my fire when,

I can not find the passion

within this life.

You are my light when,

I am lost and can not

find my way back.

With you by my side

we can overcome

anything this crazy world

throws our way.

Together we can survive.

You are my shelter when

life has drowned me in

its sorrows and rains.

You pick me up when,

I have fallen or been

knocked down by the

shadows of this life.

Together we will surpass

all expectations.

This I can promise

you until the very end

of time and our lives.


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