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My Euphoria

Updated on June 6, 2015

The sound of your voice makes me gasp for air
I gently close my eyes because I can't stand your stare
I slowly run my fingers thru my hair and pretend not to care
Meeting your gaze is something I won't dare

I can't understand why you have this control on me
You fill up my being with ecstasy
When I'm with you, it's normal to be frenzy
I can't handle this trance-like state when you're near me

I try to act normal and cold when you're near
To hide the profound feelings I have so dear
When you start to speak your thoughts, it's like music to my ears
I look at you and I see a masterpiece

I long to look at your face when you're not looking
I love to watch you while you're seriously reading
When you turn to look at me and smile, I stop breathing for a while
Ah! Am I in love with you? I can't lie

"I don't want to love you" I cried
I'm afraid of this feeling I hide
What if you don't want to be my side?
Can I take the pain, rejection and you hurting my pride?

I believe love is not selfish but kind
But I'm weak and can't tell you that you're always in my mind
I hope someday you'll find this poem I wrote
Because I'm too weak to speak and words don't have meaning each time I spoke


Star City Manila, Philippines
Star City Manila, Philippines


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