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My Facebook Lover.2

Updated on November 19, 2013

I continued sending and replying mails with both accounts. Monica was the first person i told about Adam...

-Do you believe in finding love over the internet?


-I think i am falling for him



-Who the hell is Adam?

-Promise me that you will not laugh at me, if i tell you

She began laughing almost immediately. Typical Monica...

"Look who's falling in love". She said. You left all the cool boys in town and fell for the internet, o Facebook, save my dear sister or break her heart.

Sasha got to know about Adam from Monica and at a point, i felt like confessing what i did but the more fun they made, the more Adam characterize in my heart. I needed more pics of Adam. Thanks to Photoshop.

Three months so far...

As you might be thinking, all the boys now knew about Adam. Dave of all people became his friend. They chat almost all night. My problem, what boys think about girls.

Dave chatting with Adam

Hey, wud up dude, when are you coming back?

Touring Singapore hommie

Guess i will visit that country with Monica next vac

OMG! wonder of the world dude

Nigga, tell me, du u luv ma sis

Wish you cud see meh heart, it's filled with roses for Macy

Are you for real dude

Boy, ask Macy, she gonna tell you

No you tell me cos hey man! i don know you but you hurt her, you hurt me

You don't have to worry so far she has you watching her back

Peace man! when next

Same time moro

Ok dude, catch u and spare the asia pus.....!!!

Cut that man, i aint goin dey


Pass ma luv to her

They all wanted to see Adam, he was on vacation in Singapore, that was the least i could do, but you know, vacation will surely come to an end so will the plane just crash and Adam die? Questions without answers. Well all i needed to do at that point was blow my lies.

I woke up in the morning so happy, relieved that it was a Saturday, no class and no Adam is not here, are you sure you will gonna see him? What will he get for you from Singapore? Adam Grant and Eve Grant. Monica for you.

Mom came into my room and asked me to call Sasha and Teresa, they lived just three streets down, she wanted them to go shopping with us.Sometimes i wonder if my Mom is actually 47, she likes hanging out with us and i don't always like her company.

-Mom, you are undeniably 47yrs old. I can't just let you go out boy hunting.That's ridiculous mom.

-Shut up, we will go out and have fun, call them, if you don't wanna go then i will go with them

My Mom is the only Family i know, the only person i love and can lay down my life for so whatever that makes her happy; i am in.

-Okay mom, give me half an hour let me get myself ready, will ring them right away.

After exactly, 45minutes, we were all cruising down town on her new Lamborghini, we got to the mall and jumped from one shop to the other buying anything money could buy. she likes shopping and finds it very easy giving out. That's two of her problems.And i always joked with her never to give me out one day.

We graced the Amani section, she wanted to buy pairs for the boys.

-What of your boy? The question was directed me

Mom, you know that i don't have time for that so cut it

Teresa and Sasha bowled with wide eyes then burst out very loud. I couldn't help but laughed as well, i hit Sahsa with one of the shopping bag i was carrying while Mom watched us. I knew what was going on inside her, i knew my Mom and i didn't want to get her into my lies.

We were walking out from the mall, heading to the parking lot when Mom spotted him.

-Hey girl, is that not the same guy?

-Which guy mom?

-The one you were chatting with the other night


That's Adam, that's him ...OMG! Adam is back, that's him. With that Sasha ran towards the guy as he turned left, he wanted to make sure that we didn't missed each other, to her, i knew that he was back but didn't want to let them know. I was trying to really get what was going on while also trying to figure out if the cute guy's pic i picked from Google was the same guy coming towards us with Sasha.

Facebook Lover

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Author's note

After writing this hub, i realized that it would make a good movie. I don't know but read 3-5 and let me know if i did well with the structure of the story.

Nothing in this story is true, this is entirely a work of fiction.


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