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My Facebook Lover.3

Updated on November 19, 2013

My head raced and brain trying hard to process how to handle the situation. How did Mom knew that I was chatting with this guy? I only exchanged self sent mails to whoever she thought he was. Gaddem! Macy! Mercy! Mercy! If this earth could open and swallow me.

It’s not Adam but he wants to say hello. Sasha said as they closed up

Hi sweetie I overheard my Mom said. The guy was standing right in front of me. Sasha and Teresa smiling. And you are…?

His sweet voice echoed like lilies of Lebanon, perhaps that was the sweetest voice I have heard in my entire life.

-I am Harry, Harry Lewis

I was relieved yet there was a problem, it must be the same guy, I saw the striking resemblance though Adam Grant has a shorter hair. My Mom went on to interview this guy

-Lewis? Hum! Lewis Finance right?

-Yes mam, that’s my dad

The pleasantry went on for the next three minutes before she finally pointed at me

-That’s my daughter, Macy, you actually looked like one of her friends

-Wow! She said the same thing…Adam right?

Sasha has told this guy everything in less than a minute, OMG! Blushing

I’m Harry. He stretched his hands towards me and I couldn’t help but shook him. I said my name… I am Macy. Your friend already told me was what he responded.OMG! I am gonna kill Sasha.

Anyway, we exchanged E-mails and phone numbers then he went his way. Mom turned and smiled at me but that was it. We left the Mall at last. Sasha and Teresa were happy although this was not the first time Mom invited them shopping but they were so happy because of the pairs she bought for the boys. She dropped them off at their houses.

-Thanks Miss Judith. Sasha greeted her before walking into their house.

You might be wondering why Miss Judith? Okay let me tell you why.

I never knew my Dad, Mom was 30years old when she was raped by the man who suppose to be my Father which makes me not a bastard because the two never agreed on having me. I am a product of rape. Mom was advised to get rid of me when she found out a month later that she was pregnant but she gave it a second thought, it was a matter of a pill but she gave me the chance.

Although, she felt belittled and wallowed in self pity until the news of her pregnancy then she stormed everyone and bounced back with ‘happy to be raped bash’. To her, it was a miracle so instead of coursing her rapist, she blessed him and blessed that night he raped her. She invited all the raped victims she possibly reached and ever since then she has helped a handful of raped young women through her foundation which deals mainly on counseling and helping raped victims.

You know, she was married when she was 21yrs but could not give birth, Doctors said that she had a condition which makes her barren. She lost her marriage. That’s why she is Miss Judith instead of Mrs Judith. Part of my family story you should know.

Adam Grant and the prank I was playing on my gang kept me blooming. I kept on chatting with Dave as Adam and showing off love mails sent to me by my Facebook Lover to everyone. I don’t lie to Mom but I realized that mails from Adam to me makes her day, I wanted to tell her what I was upto but somehow I felt like having this secret for myself. She will blow it if she ever find out that there was no Adam.

-Mom, come and read this, he wrote me a poem

My Mom ran into my room like a small girl running in to have a chocolate bite then sat beside me and began to read the poem, pronouncing ever letter with smile

Oh sweet Macy, bunchy cake

What in this world is better than you

If we could share just one night

I will make sure that it last a life time

I don’t know how you came into my life

But all I knew is that you are in my life

I don’t know how much I love you

But I can tell how much I want you

Macy bunchy Cake

Macy bunchy cake

May God bless the womb that made you

My love for you is like the towers of Lebanon

You cannot measure a man’s heart

But you can you can feel a man’s love

My bunchy cake, I love you and will always do

She left excited and that was the last day I saw my Mom smiling. That was the last day I saw my Mom smiling. Those peaceful smiles faded away, of course she told me to be strong, she knew that she would make it, she was strong and fought with everything inside her. One year back, she was diagnosed of Lungs cancer, she was lucky so with the help of Cameo she had a big chance.

I went to see Aunty Aubrey that morning, she wanted to discuss something with me so when I was done with her, I decided to stop by at the Mall to buy Mom some squash, she loved them fresh, I also would see Sasha in the afternoon, she helps me with Mom’s roasted chicken, she had a special way of doing it and Mom loved the garlic taste. Mom had been In the hospital for four days. The cancer had spread after two surgeries and almost a year Cameo, it bounced back. Why didn’t they dictate it on time this time?

I was walking out from the car when the call came, it was Aunty Aubrey, I knew from her voice that something was wrong but I never expected the news she broke to me. She found no other way to do it, she could not hide it, she was heartbroken just like everyone else, she couldn’t lie to me, she couldn’t hide it, Mom knew that she was dying but she didn’t tell me. I was with her just yesterday but she didn’t tell me that it was the last time I would see her.

-Macy Darling, I got a call from the hospital few minutes back…Tha…ttt---that Judith is dead

-What? No! no! no!

Anyway I cried and cried until there were no more tears in me. Mom passed away and my heart was broken. Sometimes I wonder why God allow certain things to happen. Why should Mom die? I know that death is inevitable but why is it that good people doesn’t last? There are so many bad people parading in this world yet good people like Mom are snatched away early.

Does God actually allow people to die? Is there no other way to go to him? Why must it be death?

Death suppose to be for the bad ones while the good ones suppose to go to him by simply acceding up to wherever Heaven is while their loved ones watch them knowing very well in this hearts that God has called the person, just like Jesus, he was a good man, my Mom was also a good woman. She saved souls, she had 118 babies in her orphanage homes, she had over 3000 kids scattered all over the country under her scholarship scheme. What would be their fate?

As far as I am concerned, death is a punishment if not we are not suppose to cry when people we love die, when good people like Mom die but we cry so does God want us to cry?

Facebook Lover

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Author's note

After writing this hub, i realized that it would make a good movie. I don't know but read 4-5 and let me know if i did well with the structure of the story.

Nothing in this story is true, this is entirely a work of fiction.


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