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My Facebook Lover.4

Updated on November 19, 2013

My Late Mother’s funeral was attended by all our relatives and friends. I wasn’t happy, the only family I knew is gone, and what would my life be without my Mummy? She was my insurance but she died and everything about me died. There was a massive crowd so I had no time to greet everyone but I did that when I read her eulogy. I thanked everyone that came around to bid her a final goodbye.

Harry and his parents were there too and after the burial, he kept in touch. I struggled to put myself together although it was pretty hard but I knew what Mom wanted. She wanted me to be strong and carry on the legacy she left behind, I knew that she would be watching from heaven because Pastor Elvis said that she is in Heaven.

Sasha and the rest of the gang were broken just like me but we all tried to get over her passing, thanks to all the wonderful people that always came around or called to help me with one thing or the other. I never knew that time could fly so fast, all I knew was that it was September, Mom’s first anniversary. Well you might be wondering about Adam now. Let me tell you this, the prank helped me got over the stress Mom’s dead left behind.

I couldn’t tell them the truth, why should I?

Harry was always around. Honestly, he looked like Adam, I was in love with Adam and Harry was the Adam I could see, his voice I heard was Harry’s. Of course by now you must have figured out what happened next, well it wasn’t an accident but let me allow Harry a little space.


That day at the parking lot was the sweetest day of my life, the day I saw the most beautiful girl in this world. I felt embraced when Sasha called me Adam Grant, although I tried to hide it with a cute smile because she was damn too pretty. When she realized that I wasn't Adam, she told me about her friends so I decided to see them.

I wouldn’t have decided to see her friends if it wasn’t actually meant to be. You see what will be will be. I felt the pain of her Mom’s death, I was there the day she was buried and from that sad moment, I realized why she spotted me the first day. She wanted someone kind to stay around when she had gone, she knew it because she was an Angel and her work here on earth has been done.

Macy and I became very good friends, maybe because we shared the same passion and have the same kind of dream, maybe we were actually created for each other or maybe it was simply one of those things life offers but whichever it is, the fact remains that there is nothing like accident because when it is time, no matter where you are hiding, love will find you. We found each other, she told me about Adam Grant and when I saw his picture, I knew that it was me. Yes! She found me before she met me.

I kept her secret but with Harry in the picture, her dare friends became extremely worried.

Back to Macy

Hahahaha… we kept on the prank.

Sasha was worried; she was straight so she didn’t want me to mess up. Harry gave me the perfect lie to suspend them. From Singapore, Adam flew back to Abudabi where he was deployed and would not be back until sometime in Nov. Sasha and Teresa knew that I was in love with Adam and also in love with Harry. But what Monica didn’t know was why I chose two guys.

Can you really love two people at the same time?

-Monica: I still don’t get it Macy, you never liked boys and wouldn’t have a boy friend, all of a sudden you began liking them but instead of one, you chose two

-Macy: Well Monica, as you can see, I am greedy

-Teresa: You are confused not greedy, Adam was there before Harry so you have to choose one, it is not wise to date two guys at the same time

-Sasha: Macy, we are your friends and would never deceive you, it is improper, I know that Harry is a good guy, modest and rich but that’s his parent’s money and not his besides you inherited millions from your Mom so what is it about him? You either drop Adam on time and face Harry or drop Harry and face Adam

-Teresa: I prefer Harry, he is cute and a promising medical doctor, I don’t like the military and you know already know my reasons

-Macy: You guys have been on my neck because I had no boy friend, now I have two and you are still pulling me off and on

-Monica: I still don’t get you girl, you don’t have to be a bitch because you want to meet up

-Macy: Meet up?

-Teresa: Of course Macy, how on earth do you think that it would work? I mean to date the two of them

-Macy: Okay, listen girls, let me tell you the truth, you see Adam, if he comes back, I will have him in the morning, break in the afternoon then have Harry in the night

-Teresa: This bitch is in sane, Macy, what’s gone over you?

-Sasha: It isn’t gonna work babe

That’s me and my girls, the boys actually understood the situation especially Dave who chats all the time and exchanged E-mails with my lovely Adam. He understood it , believe me he did. Let me give him a space to tell you why.


Macy has been a close friend and her late Mom was a mother to all of us, I was brought up in her orphanage home before my parents adopted me, I was six years. They were her close friends so that made Macy and I very close. I understood her fears about guys but you see, guys are not the same, Adam to me is a good guy and I liked him and anxiously wanted to meet him before Harry came into the picture.

He doesn’t usually hanged out with us but I have met him on several occasions, he is cool but although I wanted Macy to be happy and hook up. However, I wouldn’t want her cheating. I mean keeping these two guys isn’t fair.

She always waved it out each time I tell her about the consequences, she wasn’t the boys babe but the mama’s gal so what gave her the confidence that she could handle these guys was a twist I couldn’t put together, believe me, I know Macy more than you do but her life is her life. I just don’t want her to hurt herself.

Back to Macy

Monica took Fiona to the clinic; they all helped me out in the home, there are 12 babies in this particular home, the smallest figure. Harry came around that afternoon and asked me to join him, he wanted to show me something so I cleaned up and handed everything over to the Home’s manager.

I have been around Harry for sometime but each time I see him, I began to shake. His sweet voice turns me on. I didn’t know where we were going until we got in front of his house; the whole house was decorated with balloons. He asked me to close my eyes which I did so he walked me right inside the house and then released his hands from my eyes and asked me to open them.

There was everyone inside the house and the big backyard was filled with almost everyone I knew, Aunty Aubrey was there, Pastor Jessy, Rossi, everyone was there, well I forgot that it was my birthday but Harry remembered and organized it in a special way, a way that turned me on, turned me to understand why Mom spotted him.

Sometimes in life, bad things happen to us so that good thing will have its permanent place. Harry made me to understand that God used my Mom to bring us together, I created my Facebook lover and my Mom brought him into my life, you see if I didn’t create that account, there will not me Harry and Macy, Mom would still die and no one would be there to uplift me but Harry came and filled the vacuum her death created.

God sometimes want us to cry, death is not a punishment but our way as humans to depart from this world, it is meant to be emotional that is why we cry when our loved ones die. Yes! Harry is right, he said that death is the last emotional thing we share with our loved one, both of us will die someday and our loved ones will also cry.

-Should we tell them about Adam?

-Not now

I saw them laughing, Emilio was not there because he traveled to Mexico. I called Harry and he told me that he was chatting with Dave…O! Poor Adam, I knew what they would be thinking but I will not tell you guys now.

Facebook Lover

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Author's note

After writing this hub, i realized that it would make a good movie. I don't know but read 5 and let me know if i did well with the structure of the story.

Nothing in this story is true, this is entirely a work of fiction.


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