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My Facebook Lover.5

Updated on November 19, 2013

This is the last episode and i hope that you enjoyed my story so far. As you can see, we went on with the prank but the thing is this. Harry normally chat with me on Facebook as Adam Grant.

There was this particular day i was chatting with him and Sasha, Monica and Teresa were with me, he said a lot of sweet things that moved us.


Adam Grant: It’s true that we are miles away and you are missing me, my darling, my dove but whenever you miss me, just come out and watch the moon because I will be watching the other side of it too

Macy Monroe: I love you so much Adam, my lord

Adam Grant: If truly that I am your lord then it will be an honour for me to die on your arms

Macy Monroe: Why do you love me Adam?

Adam Grant: Ask yourself why you love me because the same answer you will derive is why I love you


Sasha pitied him because she knew that i had fallen for Harry.

-Stop playing this game gal, you don't have to be a bitch, tell the guy the truth

- No babe, he will find out by himself

-Do you really love Harry? Teresa asked me

-Ups! my head is blowing, i don't know what am i doing

It was funny but believe me, it made me fell much in love with him. I created Adam Grant and he manifested in Harry Lewis.

Mom's gone but Harry is here.

We decided to do something special for the gang so after Harry's proposal to marry me,we organized a house party and the special guest was Adam Grant. Everyone especially Dave was anxious to finally see the guy who would have snatched me away from them. They were all filled with awe when i began the story about my Facebook Lover, all our friends including Onyekachy Uluabuike,Ikeokwu Chinedu,Marcy Gabriel,Omosotome Eshiofune,Precious Leonard,Obinna 'Bishop' Nwachukwuma,Lily Uche,Mozie Jideofor Gerrad,Maureen Kwentoh-Ibegbu were moved with my story.

Everyone smiled and laughed at every word i spoke, it was funny but to Dave an expensive joke.

What about you?

You see, one thing I've realized is that Life is all about what you make it. I never knew that i could love a guy or trust one with my heart until Harry came along and pulled me off balance, some of you reading this today might be in the same position i was few years back,i mean girls. We always believe that guys are the same but believe me, there are so many good guys out there, you don't have to hold back and push the right one away because of one relationship gone wrong.

There is only one true love, some of us just find it while some of us tremble upon cobras underfoot to find it but the truth is this, no matter how many times your heart is broken, no matter how many times you miss it, no matter how many relationships you have had and none worked out, believe me, there is someone for you. I am a living example.

Love is like Life itself, you cannot predict life neither can you predict love. People always mistake infatuation for love. You see, the Love of your life is like a tree with leaves, the leaves fall and wither but the tree remain tapping it's roots deep beneath the earth, those leaves that fall off the tree are like people that come and go, the root represents you, it is you who will make the tree stand so do not feel that it is over because when i felt that it will never be, it just began.

What i do now is spend as much time as i could with Harry. He is my everything and in him my life is complete.

Facebook Lover

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Author's note

After writing this hub, i realized that it would make a good movie. I don't know but read 1-5 and let me know if i did well with the structure of the story.

Nothing in this story is true, this is entirely a work of fiction.


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