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My Fair Treasure, poem about trouble sleeping

Updated on August 26, 2012

My Fair Treasure

My fair treasure

Another day, another song.

A memory old, of yesterday long.

A fair treasure will tomorrow bring?

Another note to measure?

Or, will the song need me to sing.

Shall I wake blind fully in the night,

or, will the rising sun guide my sight?

Can I wait till morning, will it take long?

Will my day old memory, of yesterdays song,

last till morning - when the singing birds of dawn, bring my fair treasure?

Shhhh....Can I hear them?

Have they already begun to sing the song today,

that yesterday they so dutifully sung?

If I could just borrow all the songs of tomorrow,

then the wait for my fair treasure, wouldn't seem so long.

My Fair Treasure

dawn in my yard.
dawn in my yard.


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