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Mills and Boon favourite author (?)

Updated on April 1, 2013
Michelle Reid born and raised in England. (Wish I had a better picture!!)
Michelle Reid born and raised in England. (Wish I had a better picture!!) | Source

Michelle Reid - the romance writer

In the course of my life, I have read all kinds of romance books. Its better than reading autobiography any day, I tell you. After long gap, I started reading some mills and boons book. Now, I am sure, picking one favorite writer published under this romance house is one big job. So many writers and they publish more than 1000 books a year and almost all the stories are same. I am a fan of modern series. All that alpha male and equally feisty women appeals to me. And of course all the jet setting around the world and dessert is sure a good escape for the long tiring day. The fact that you don't have to stress yourself reading the book whole night in order to know what happens is another bonus. The pages are not more than 300 so its an easy read or skip to to the end because you know half the page they will spend quarreling and wasting with all the thoughts and stuffs.

I came across Michelle Reid books by accident and boy she got me hooked. After reading the same author of writers under mills and boon, one will find that they tend to re-write their stories with different settings and dialogue. Its their signature mark and they tend to over-use their stories and theme. However, whatever Michelle Reid does, I approve!!! I love her stories.Most of her books, you'd find that H and h knows each other from the past and they are meeting again. Usually they would be married but separated for five years before they meet again for divorce or something. And usually it will be divorce. And somehow they will have a child H doesn't know about. or twins. Ekks, I hate this part, but I bear it because of the story.

What appeals to me about her book is the H's POV (point of view) of the relationship. I just love them. I have read almost all of her books and below are some of my favorite book. I do hope she writes another one fast though the latest After the Vows is not so good. Its like she had to write a story to meet the deadline. Not so great but ok.

Favourite Michelle Reid books

A Passionate Marriage (Hot-Blooded Husbands)
A Passionate Marriage (Hot-Blooded Husbands)

Leandros and Isobel story.They fight, make love and after meeting each other Leandros refuses to give up Isobel and their love is as passionate as the title says. I specially love the part where she confesses her love to Leandros at a party and he threatens to throw her down the balustrade because she takes him by surprise. Awa, I just wish the book was bit longer. Its too short and end has to be rushed.


the book store

The link to the book store for those interested.

Other worthy mentions

Marriage on the Rebound
Marriage on the Rebound

Shaan marries Rafe as she is jilted few minutes before the ceremony. In steps in Rafe and their journey towards love is a nice reading.


The over-used theme of modern series

Ok, despite reading tons of modern series and know what each author is going to write there is one thing I simply hate!! hate!!! hate!!.

  1. Twin conception - The babies are twins, all most all the time and is so over used by most authors, specially by Lynn Graham, which is her signature story ending.
  2. Gold digger - The h is always perceived as gold-digger. Not so modern it seems like. And if h   is a rich girl then her family company is going down and can be only saved by H. On the other hand, there is a book by Helen Bianchin where the couple are married to form a dynasty. A different read from others. But her signature theme is the H is pursued ruthlessly by other women.  But I forgive her because it is a different kind of story then the usual.
  3. The long useless fight - the fights are so useless and hard to believe. I forgot the writers but there were few.
  4. The big mid-understanding - The fights and mis-understanding sometimes kill the book. Mis-understanding up to a point is reasonable but when it drags on and on it just kills me. Can't remember any book at the top of my head but there are loads. I remember only the ones that impressed me. 
  5. Why not love?  - It will be better if they confess their jealousy and love and hell with the consequences. But then the book will be even shorter I suppose. But why do they always think the chemistry is always physical and not due to emotional too?


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