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Friendly Ties

Updated on January 28, 2016
Powers that seem out of this world.
Powers that seem out of this world.

My Book

I finally got the courage to send in one of my writings for publishing I have been working with the company for a year now on getting it done. Friesen Press have several packages for authors and will try to work with you on payments. Thus far I have been happy with them and they have helped me tremendously.

I ask all you who follow me to take a read of this and let me know what you think? I love getting feed back and hearing from you all. So to all my Elementals enjoy!!

Being a witch with kick-ass fighting skills and always
fighting the battle between good and evil, white magick
and black, supernatural bad guys as well as human bad
guys it’s no wonder why she gets called the ultimate

Elements has to figure out which side she’s on.
Dealing with powers that seem out of this world and in
some cases they are. She also has to deal with shape shifters
and psychic vampires that want her dead.

But this is
nothing compared to the battle she has to fight within her
own heart. A lover from her past has resurfaced again after
leaving without a trace or a goodbye.

Trying to keep the
balance of good and evil and keeping her friends alive she
has a lot on her plate. With the help of her friends and
some unlikely allies’ will this be enough to win and keep
her heart, or is it a losing battle from the start?

A chapter out of my book

It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and if the wind caught you just right you could smell the ocean. Florida was like that. Just about anywhere outside you can smell the ocean, the salt and sometimes early morning it smells like fish, but you get used to it. There are so many things I would love to be doing on a day like this but sadly that is not the case. Am I laying out on the beach? No. Am I sitting in the park relaxing? No of course not. In fact I'm running down a dirty alley way chasing some asshole.

It smells like old food because the sun was beating down on the trash cans and dumpsters and that is not pleasant to the nose. It is so over powering that you have to breathe through your mouth just to keep from vomiting. The garbage that had been thrown out from various restaurants on either side of the alley was getting baked. My eyes are watering so much that it kind of feels like I'm cutting an onion.

I look at the ground so I can watch where I'm running and to make sure I didn't step in any of the animal shit on the ground. There are so many stray cats running these allies and that's not even counting the wild animals like raccoon's, possums, and skunks. I am also having to watch out for broken beer bottles and dirty ass needles that are scattered about, left by the hookers and drug addicts that frequent the alley ways at nighttime.

This was the part of the job I hated. The running. I always said that if I wanted to run this much I would have taken up jogging.

It never fails, whenever you go after the bad guys they always turn down alleys. It's not just in the movies. In real life they're that stupid too.

I turn and look over my shoulder because I can hear my partner running behind me. She was panting trying to keep up with us.

"Behind The Third Dumpster Elements!" Christine yells.

I look forward and can see the B.B.U's foot sticking out. That's shot for Big Bad Ugly. I also know that he's about to throw some major magick my way. Hitting the ground in a tuck and roll I yell a reversal spell to counter act his. The next thing you hear is a loud, "BOOM!" and the B.B is gone erupting into blue flames.

Christine reaches my side and asks through gasps of air,"So the son of a bitch go up in flames?"

"Yup, and it was oh so pretty," sarcasm just dripping from my voice as I look over at Christine and wink,

Standing up straight we both head back to the car walking very, very slowly. No matter how many times you have to run after assholes like him on the job your body never gets used to it.


Jay was forced awake from sleep because he heard noises right outside his house. Being a detective he has always been a light sleeper, never knowing when he would have to answer the phone and head to a crime scene.

Grabbing his gun from under his pillow, he proceeds out of his bedroom to the stairs. Eyes searching the darkness for anything that moves and he brings his gun to chest level in case he has to shoot.

Reaching the landing which is the halfway point between up and down stairs he does a quick left, right, turn of his head. He jumps when he sees his own reflection in the mirror. The episode at Christine's house and everything that they have been through thus far has put him on high alert and high strung. He shakes his head and makes a mental note to take the damn mirror down in the morning.

Continuing down the rest of the stairs, he walks over to the living room window, opening the curtains just a little so he can peer out. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, empty streets and a full moon he puts the curtain back in place.

Jay walks over to the front door and unlocks it to step out on to the porch. He does another left, right, turn of his head seeing nothing out there. He scratches his head,"Maybe, I just imagined the noise, after all this shit is making me nervous."

He puts his gun down at his side and he shakes everything off. "OK Jay, you seriously need a vacation, and maybe some new friends too."

As he turned he felt something brush up against his leg and hears, "Meow".

He looks down and he sees a beautiful white cat rubbing against him.

"Aren't you a pretty thing.", as he picks it up to take it in the house with him. The cat automatically starts purring and Jay smiles.

He places the cat on the floor as he locks the front door again. He walks towards the kitchen and starts talking to the cat over his shoulder,"Well girl, I ain't got no food, but I will pour some milk." The cat starts following at his heels.

Jay puts a saucer full of milk down,"In the morning we will figure out what to do with you."

Jay turns the light on above the stove for the cat and turns the rest of the lights off." Goodnight." and he walks out of the kitchen and heads towards the stairs.

The cat looks up at the ceiling as if listening for something. Jay shuts his bedroom door, turns off the light and gets back in bed.

Downstairs in the kitchen a gentle breeze starts to stir and the cat has vanished and in it's place stood a pale hair blond woman with green eyes. She heads for the stairs and starts walking up them without making a sound.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my first book. Below in the comments section is a link where you can purchase it. Just about any bookstore can order it for you as well, not to mention it is also available at, You can get a hard cover, soft cover or ebook.

also if you don't mind if you can go to Facebook and like my authors page and then share it on yours asking your friends to do the same I would really appreciate it. Leslie L Daniels@Facebook

I am currently working on Book 2 in this series


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