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Jacky Faber Adventure Series By LA Meyer

Updated on December 9, 2014

Jacky Faber loves Jaimy Fletcher

Come join in the Adventures of Jacky Faber.
Come join in the Adventures of Jacky Faber. | Source

This has become my most favorite book series

In the year of 2007, as I provided private duty care for a young adult lady , her Mom provided a book for me to read to her called "Bloody Jack" by Louis A Meyer, better known as L. A. Meyer. It is about a young orphan in the end of the 18th century in England who wanted a new adventure in her life. As I started to read she became real to me. Suddenly, my private duty shifts were no longer just a way to earn a living. It was an anticipation to take part in a new place and time. We became a part of the story. I would constantly review each previous chapter before reading the next one. That way the other characters in the story would be a part of our lives too. I am just so glad that the author decided to continue the Bloody Jack series.

I am so much on the edge of the seat for another book. Jacky has a true soul. Being clever has only been her ability to survive such wretched conditions she chose to live in. And even though she has many enemies in the British Royalty, Pirates, and even some people she has met on land, Jacky has a lot of friends.

Jacky knows how to love, and she does have a relationship with God. She may have tried to change her gender, went beyond the norm of her era, and had no shame of bearing her true identity, but Jacky Faber has been able to be what everyone wants her to be. In book number seven, "Rapture of the Deep." I spend a little more time reviewing what went on in this volume, so that we can fully appreciate the cultural history of the discoveries of the Caribbean in the early 1800s.

I wish that L.A. Meyer would put his books into live action film. I'm sure they could do it. If I were to meet Jacky Faber today, I would give her a hug. She deserves to be appreciated .She has inspired us with bravery, dignity, and selflessness. I hope that she does have a long happy life with Jaimy Fletcher. He has a world of patience for someone so pretentious as her.

I want to thank Mr. Meyer for bringing such adventure and a wonderful friend as Jacky Faber into our lives. We look forward to the next adventure in the Jacky Faber Series.

Added Thoughts about Jacky Faber book series

In the last six and a half years, I have continued reading L A Meyers' Book Series about Jacky Faber, who lived from the late 1700's into the early 1800's through a very adventurous life on the seas, from Great Britain to the early colonies of the United States, the Caribbean Islands and across the world into the Asian seas all the way to Australia. I am still very excited to wait for book number nine. I feel as if she is part of my life. My reading of these wonderful books to my special needs client has enhanced her literary library, and she and her Mom look forward to the next adventure as well. I would love to thank Mr Louis A. Meyer for his creativity and historical accounts of adventure. Even though the characters seem real, he really captures the true heart of Mary Jacky Faber and all who live in her eventful life.

I hope that you will be inspired to read her adventures too.

Book #9 of the Jacky Faber Series by LAMeyer
Book #9 of the Jacky Faber Series by LAMeyer | Source

UPDATE on the Continuing Series Of Jacky Faber

I have had a heart full of patience WAITING for Mr. Meyers 9th volume of his book Series about Jackie Faber. The next book is about her adventures back to England after her experience in the Seas of China. It is called Mark Of The Golden Dragon, and it will be released in October 2011 here in the USA. I look forward to reading this aloud to my private duty nursing client who has thoroughly enjoyed me reading all eight of L.A. Meyer's adventures about Jacky Faber. He is such an excellent writer!

What could Jacky Faber be up against in this new book?
What could Jacky Faber be up against in this new book? | Source

Bloody Jack Series will Continue...

As I am reaching the end of the ninth book, The Mark of the Golden Dragon, by Mr. L.A. Meyer I was concerned that there would be no continuation of the story. I never read ahead, since I enjoy the feeling of surprise. But then I was certainly turned around. I am so glad that the tenth episode of Mr. Meyer's series will be finished soon, and I am so looking forward to it. I only know the title so far, and the artwork of the cover gives me a hint of what it will be about.

The title of LA Meyers new book is called "Viva Jacquelina". Jacky Faber has had so many roles to play, and her name touches onto her previous experience in New Orleans when she changed her name to "Jacqueline Bouvier". Of course, I am jumping to conclusions about her name, yet the cover depicts a young lady riding a wild bull. We shall see.

I have also been informed that there is a team of producers and casting directors getting ready for the production of the Bloody Jack movie. I certainly hope that it is a serial. You can not fit Jacky Faber's entire life into one film. And if her stories end up in nine or more movies, then we should be seeing Bloody Jack movies until 2021.

Boston Jacky, 11th book in the Jacky Faber series by LA Meyer.
Boston Jacky, 11th book in the Jacky Faber series by LA Meyer. | Source

The 11th book is ready- Her comes Boston Jacky!

Thank God that LA Meyer wrote another adventure about Jacky Faber. In the tenth book, Viva Jacquelina, Jacky Faber survived the war torn experience of Portugal where she was to spy on the French and report to the King of England the strategies of that war. But when her cronies of that battle all suffered loss by the French, she had to escape to survive in Spain. Of course she was a female in disguise again. But along the way she made friends who helped her endure her differences with those who tried to disrupt her mission. She managed to turn away from her comforts there only to adventure back to North America again.

In this new adventure, Jacky returns to Boston, and reconnects to her friends and allies there. Little does she know that her beloved, Jaimy Fletcher is on his way back to the States, too. It will be exciting to know if she will be able to meet him, but he may be hard to find- she doesn't know his disguise!

This writer is quite excited to continue reading this adventure. Let's discover what Jacky Faber will be up to in this book.

Could It Be The Last Testament of Jacky Faber's Life?

Recently, in the year 2014, I have completed the eleventh book by L A Meyer about the adventurous life of Jacky Faber. Although she has accomplished so much in her eighteen years of life and now has become an international business woman and continues her love for the theatrical arts, she still has become unfulfilled for her quest of constantly seeking the love of her life, Jaimy Fletcher. Currently finishing this eleventh volume, I am quite elevated with exasperation to the turn of events but not disheartened. Looking forward to the turn of events of what may exist for Jacky Faber's life, I am happy to announce that L A Meyer has produced the next volume called Wild Rover No More. As all good things begin and may come to an end, I look forward to reading about how this young lady becomes a legendary hero for many centuries to come.


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