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A Poetic Explanation

Updated on July 18, 2013

Creative Nature

In a world where hard work means dedication,

In a world where chasing dreams became an abomination,

Where living your dreams is now a contradiction,

and where you hear but don't listen,

Where you take advice but its the key points that you are missing,

and its the one's that are already down that you are kicking,

In a world where you fear failure but can't seem to find success, so you settle for less,

Now not everyone lives this way,

But i challenge you as of today,

Don't pay attention to the demographic, or the constant laughing,

Not the percentage, or your "Image",

Don't listen to your haters,

Be your own motivator, and do yourself a favor....TRY,

Let your creative nature take control,

To believe not only in yourself but for yourself,

because without are nothing,

Just a shell of you former self,

Trying to be like everyone else,

but when you realize that you control your destiny,

And that doing what you want will lead you to your dreams,

Not that paycheck or real shiny things,

Not staying out late doing mindless things but using your mind to think,

Let it breakdown the very wordplay that makes the English language a play ground,

Lets see how you play now,

What is creative Nature?

Its the one thing that will cross any boundary,

It can twist the vary fabric of time,

When you close your eyes you have now entered a new dimension, been led to a new path,

dreamed of the highest mountain, found your new craft,

In seconds you have found your determination,

And out of dust is what it seems,

but open up your eyes you have now realized your dream,

Everything happens for a reason, yet those reasons are not yet clear,

to get the motivation you need to overcome your fears, you must first look in the mirror,

Would you be happy to be the mean,

An average percent,

a copy of society itself......or use the creativity that god gave you himself,

Majority are chasing after fame or chasing after wealth,

I just want to motivate the realist you within yourself,

How would you define being creative?

It could be defined by the music in your playlist, or even the picture on your wall,

The classes you were placed in or the shoes up at the mall,

But the point being no matter how many problems whether big or small,

You can use your creative nature to overcome them all.

Explaining The Poems Purpse

This video(To the Right) Explains how you know what your talent is but you have a hard time finding out how to use it. Such as artists, authors and musicians. They all deal with the same issue. The "Taste" that Ira glass is talking about is your creative nature. When a person is very talented they often get in there own way by second guessing a lot of their work. It becomes this constant situation where the person says well this is terrible i can do way better, but they do it so often that they begin to think they aren't very talented at all. The poem is basically saying that you have to even in your worst times be able to use your talent with confidence.

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