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"My Heart Hurts": A Poem

Updated on October 13, 2016

by D Shannahan

My heart hurts

For the scars on the earth.

Known as streets,

Sidewalks and curbs.

Metal and iron,

Defyin the gift of life-

Sword sharp and cold,

Like the soul-less insides.

We cry a dry tear

For injustice we don't hear.

My heart hurts for the children

With no parents near.

Born into a world

With a culture of fear.

And just as a deer,

We are hunted far and near.

Although we may wear

Different clothes,

Different egos...

Tell me i'm crazy if we don't know

We breathe the same air.

We pay the same fare

On the bus to get where

We need to go-

Oh, we don't know

We walk the same sphere?

The same toxins appear -

In our bodies.

In the lobbies-

We all must bear the wait-

Though the weight we bear seems arbitrary.

The high, though great is temporary.

The life that's made a commissary;

It seems to me, It's not all merry.

Since I've had nothing,

Something is plenty.

If I can do one thing,

My love I'm sharing.


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