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My Heroine

Updated on October 18, 2013

Great people have always been men and women who fought for the redemption of others. Some lost their lives in the process, some were jailed but no matter what happen to them,we remember them in every way we can. A lot of our heroes are those who fought our oppressors tooth and nail.History is one of the things we have to talk about them.

My utmost goal is to fight inequity in my society, to address it where i can and with what i have. I have so many people that influenced my life and one of those people is

Malala Yousafzai.

Like every heroine, she stood for what she belief. Freedom, Education for girls, Education for all.

A brave Girl.
A symbol of peace
The voice of the dumb
The strength of the weak
The courage of the frightened

On 9th. October 2012, Malala was coming back from school, when 2 gun men stopped the bus on the way and one of them asked the other girls in the bus;

"Who is Malala among you?"

someone replied "Malala is this one."

The coward opened fire on Malala. She was shot two times to make sure that she was finished.

But its almost an amazing story how Malala survived.

A Coward trying to kill a kid.

Her bravely and courage moved me as a grown man, if this little girl can do it then you and i can do it.

The change we need.

My heroine.


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