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My Letter to the World and a Poem of Awakening

Updated on March 21, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Dear Corrupt America and The World,

Every country that has ever hated America for the freedoms we had, can now feel at ease to know that we are fast progressing, in my opinion, to becoming one of the worst places to live. We are tremendously divided. I cannot even remember when it really felt like a freedom type of sanctuary.

People here are greedy and selfish and care about themselves more than the hungry children living in poverty and in homeless shelters. Most people, here in America, have no want to help others anymore. It's all about ego and who lives in the biggest house with the fanciest car. It's about being able to travel across the world and then come home and talk shit about the people that just welcomed you to theirs.

I mean, that is what you are doing, right? You visit not only places like Paris now; you go to India, and Morocco, and Egypt, and all the while saying Muslims are our enemies and the reason we are dying here in America. Please people, stop lying to yourselves. You continue to breed a hatred that when I wake every morning to more news on killings here and people playing the blame game, I get more and more sick to my stomach. The hopeless feeling I get is overwhelming.

There are still some of us that will not do under handed things to gain wealth and claim we worked for every cent. We will not complain about America becoming a country of all faiths and religion, because that is what it always has been and what it consistently should be. We are indeed not the ones trying to change amendments and build walls, but we are the ones who inevitably will suffer for it when you succeed in getting your way.

The countries that have hated us for our independence, can now finally pity us for our lack of intelligence and greed.


An Innocent and suffering human

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The Bitter Truth


Are You As Worried As I Am About Our Deteriorating World?

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Destruction of A Nation. Wake Up America!

Shame on us, we are a world

being destroyed by hatred

and divergence, completely

lacking of human urgence.

Dictators are of American

breed now, no leaders here

with empathy, just scornful

blows of apathy.

Tell me, what do you see

in our future, a formidable and

sinister ultimatum? That kind

of ignorance is surreal defamation.

Inconceivable outcomes in

my eyes; these taunting tyrants

whom sell us lies. If you go

forth you are demon guised.

America, you must wake up!

This is not a game. Humankind will

Dissipate, and even the innocent

will take the blame.

Humble and Kind. That's All It Takes...

© 2016 Missy Smith


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