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My Letter to the Editor of "BOOK THIEF" BY Markus Zusak

Updated on July 10, 2015

I would like to thank you very much for expressing your gratitude on my work. It seems that the book’s major protagonist, Liesel Meminger has impressed you so much. Similar to your observation, the presentation of Liesel was intended to display how people who have passed through stressful situations can be helped and supported to develop a positive attitude in life. Further, I also used this character to show that there are some exceptional situations that one may pass through in life and if not handled carefully may lead to a disastrous life. In addition, in Hubermann’s, I also wanted to elude the fact that majority of the foster families are unkind to people who are not close relatives. On the contrary, some foster families may be kind and value other people. The moral lesson I wanted to draw here is that irrespective of the challenges faced in life, one can always develop a positive attitude and hope towards life.

The necessity to have positive attitude and hope in life is also portrayed in other characters such as Max Vandenburg and Hans Hubberman. In particular, similar to Liesel, Max Vandenberg is also a character who is brought to the story after experiencing much loss. Vandenberg develops low-self esteem and feels guilty for running away from his family for his own salvation. However, all Vandenberg’s endeavors are meant to save and protect himself in this harsh environment. In most of his life, Vandenberg is portrayed as someone who likes fighting either for himself or the people he knows. What I really wanted to depict here was that it is good for individuals to have a positive perception and hope of living irrespective of the condition and circumstances in life. Ultimately, the book left behind by Liesel after the bombing highlights the emotional bond that is felt to her by death. Consequently, this novel is supposed to create a connection between the audience and the different characters in the story.


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