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My Life

Updated on December 22, 2011

My life, is a struggle all the way to the end

My life has been that way ever since it began

It doesn't go according to plan

But I always try the best that I can

Even at times it's like I’m in quicksand

I'm falling but they don't understand

I'm calling out for help but they don't

Whispers in my ear give up but I won't…

I fight my way out of that bottomless pit

I'm gonna strive for greatness and I'll never-ever quit

Until the day that my dreams are accomplished

My life and mind are full of things that I wished

My life's goals are what I live for

Waking up each day to see what's in store

My life is somewhat average, and nothing more…

I need to work my way up to find my place

Everybody works hard it's a lifelong race

Just to have a little money to spend

My life, is full of hope but I don't pretend

Because it's, full of verses to be written in pen

And, plenty of wounds that I need to mend

My life is a struggle all the way to the end


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    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      That's great...

      I like it...

      Even I have also written many poems on life :)