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My Makeup Kit.

Updated on May 12, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

We all can wear many faces.

My makeup kit
sits tucked away
beneath the counter
that's stopped counting
all the days since
my last plays.
It holds the
of make believe
in tubes and compacts
that once squeezed
out characters
upon my flesh.
Last used
this past Christmas
when I played Scrooge
for all the kids at schools
as I ranted my rage
against holidays,
but was touched
by the spirits
that they bless all with
and became a kinder man.
Eyebrow pencils
formed the scowl,
and the wrinkled visage
on my cheeks and brow.
Crows feet nesting
in the corners
of my eyes and
spectacles perched
on my sharp nosed sides.
Shoe whitener blended
into my locks of hair,
eye shadow darkening my
cranky stares.
Lipstick highlighting
my most curling sneer
and cheeks rose blushed slightly
so it would appear
as if I'd just stepped out
of a cold, dank room
where coal chunks
were rationed
in the wintery gloom.
Top hat, with white spats
and a tux overcoat,
graced with a cape
that would swirl out
and float
as I raised up my cane and
then cut some wide rugs
denouncing each Christmas
with some loud "Bah Humbugs."
Oh, how the childrens
eyes all locked on me,
as I gave them the Dickens
with my own poetry..............
Christmas with Ebeneezer Scrooge
Twas the eve before Christmas 
"Bah Humbug," I said 
I donned my pajamas 
and crawled into bed.

The spikes in my chimney 
were sharp as a pin 
I fully intended 
to do Santa in.

Four bulldogs were watching 
the flames with great care 
in case Santa wore 
fireproof underwear.

The wolves on my rooftop 
were ready to eat 
eight misguided reindeer 
right down to their feet.

The children who slept 
with sweet dreams in their heads 
would wake to find nothing 
when Santa was dead.

Then what to my 
cynical eyes did appear 
but that horrid fat man 
had snuck in from the rear.

His reindeer were parked 
so that they blocked all escape 
and my bulldogs were munching 
on huge Christmas steaks.

His big belly shook as he giggled with glee 
"Now Scrooge you will see how nice Christmas can be, 
Tonight through the magic my elves gave to me, 
I'll make you into a gift, under Tiny Tim's tree." 

Then instantly under his magical touch 
He transformed me into a small wooden crutch 
all packaged, beribboned, in bright green, and red 
Imprisoned till morning, this box was my bed.

"Bah Humbug," I cried from my cardboard cell 
"On Prancer, On Dancer," I heard St. Nick yell. 
Christmas morning came quickly, with giggles of joy 
and my package was opened by a small crippled boy 
then the need in his life for this gift left it's mark 
as tears fell from his eyes, on my cold wooden heart.

And I knew in that instant that Christmas was real 
a great time to express all the love that we feel. 
The next thing I knew I was back in my bed 
with two arms, and two legs, and a much wiser head, 
so I ran to my window, and hollered with cheer 
"Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year."
It's become a tradition
to visit each year
and bring kids a message
of hate turned to cheer.
I have played many roles
that are dear to my heart,
both the Devil and Jesus
were part of my art.
Fagan from Oliver
who led all the boys
in the science of theft
teaching pickpocket joys.
I played Death when he chose
to take a holiday,
not a single thing died
each week he was away,
but then he fell in love
with a charming young girl
but realized the only
way she'd share his world,
was if she chose to die,
so he left her instead,
and went back to his work
where he gathered the dead.
Seven cameo roles
on a show called Gi-Gi!
changing makeup and costumes
ever so rapidly.
The matchmaker also
was quite a fun role,
I spent hours on stage
in another man's soul.
West Side Story
in leather clad
jackets and tees
just one of a gang
facing diversity....
with Maria as lovely
as a girl can be.
Little Shop of horrors
where I was the voice
of a plant that ate people
a most grisly choice,
with a bottle of jolt
and a microphone near
I ranted and raved
bringing audinces fear.
Joseph And His Most
Amazing Dream Coat,
was one of my favorites
as I sang every note,
and danced in long robes
with my brothers each night
and made an old Bible tale
such a delight.
But the story of Scrooge
was most dear to my heart
turning angst into joy
as I played out his part.
They're all tucked
in my makeup kit
on a dark shelf,
and they only
come out
when I part
from myself
to become
someone else
most vicariously
on a stage
in a time
that was long
before me
clad in costumes devine....
playing what used to be.
I've done T.V. and radio
but they don't come close
to the old wooden boards
that I've grown to love most,
on a stage with a live
audience I can sway
convincing them
I'm someone else
in each play.
If you've never tried acting
you should give it a go,
cause we all act each day
in the lives that we know,
all the world is a stage
and we all play a role.
Find a theater near you
go audtion and see
you just might win a part
that will set your soul free
from the hum-drum of your life
to a place you can be
someone imaginary
or part of history,
it's a whole lot of fun...
that much I'll guarantee.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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