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My Mind Exerts

Updated on April 19, 2012

Blue converse, SnapBack hat.
Everybody falls back
when I'm up to bat.
If I had no swag
It'd be a red flag
I don't mean the overused word
In a literal way
You heard what you heard, so just let it stay.
But forgive my perfectionist ways
I'm somewhat of a nerd

So on to the next verse
And no I will not curse
That'll only make it sound worse
I'm gonna write, rap, and converse
Even when my body hurts.
not second, third, forth
Sorry but I'm always first.
And I'll fill your mind with black matter
So much it'll make your head burst.

Now that you're headless, I'll move on but
They say you don't know why you got til it's gone
Well my dad's long gone and I never had him
Had a couple kids, messed it up, threw it away on a whim
Made his own life turn forever dim
For me theres no like father like son
As for me and him, we're done
Ima live my life and have fun
Til the day I die, until there's no air in each lung

So I do what I need to fill a need like to feed
My appetite for food whenever I'm in the mood
And I'm always on the grind to get what I want
When I'm up to bat I step to the front
Giving it my all man, I will never simply bunt
Inside is haywire, outside nonchalant
Writing all this here, pen and paper are my confidants
Read my handwriting because it's my own font
Over 12 years of schooling so I'm a savant
I'm getting closer to my goals every month
You can tell I've been trying by the skills I flaunt
All the while shit from the past still haunts
But I brush it off and continue my hunt.

This life is a journey, in this jungle of a world
Everyone's destiny waiting to be unfurled
Forseen by God way before the earth first whirled
Planets molded and stars hurled
Into the dark abyss of the unseen universe
A place so immaculate and diverse
Across telescopes lense astrologists eyes traverse
Into different worlds their minds immerse and burst

Now back to earth we go with this verse
Where Adam and Eve started humanity's curse
A society that is always getting worse
An incurable illness leaving no hope for any doctor or nurse
A government that does nothing but corrupt and coerce
While socially blind citizens oblivious converse
So when uprisings occur its just another outburst
Soon to be silenced, or die down and disperse

Me and my generation will put this all in reverse
We will have many firsts
And prevent our population from climbing into its own hearse.
Like I said before I'm always on the grind as my mind exerts
Ideas, dreams, rhymes and such.
I admit, at this age I'm not and can't do much.
But I'll still be putting my heart in all I do, even when it hurts.


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