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My Nightly Hunt

Updated on March 7, 2012

On the Prowl

Can you imagine hunting every day for your food?  Well this might be what it would be like.
Can you imagine hunting every day for your food? Well this might be what it would be like. | Source

On the Hunt

Don't blink!

Don't breathe!

Don't even move a single inch!

Just wait....and wait....and wait a little more.

Like a lionness hiding in the Sahara brush looking for her next meal,

I crouch down & look for the right man to pass by.

An elephant slowly stomps on by....too strong and definitely too big.

A giraffee grazes on some trees not far away....too tall and too fast.

Then a hyena strolls right upon my brush and catches my eye...way too f*$%n dangerous!

All of a sudden, I smell something sweet and innocent in the distance.

It's a young male zebra that has separated from its pack.

What a meal he would make....

I crouch down even lower to hide my scent from the desert winds,

But it is too late....

The young male has caught my scent,

And he begins to run!

I just smile....

This is the fun part.

I run too.

Ahh, the hunt begins!

You Should Run Now

I can feel it coming like an animal senses a tornado.

I've tried for years to tame this inner beast.

The pain...

The tears...

The ANGER....

The hurt......

I was so sure I had it all under control.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

My chest pounds with anxiety!

My head thumps with out-of-control thoughts!

The beast is coming...

I don't know when,

But I can feel it...she IS coming!

So this is when you should run,

Lock your doors!

'Cause she is me,

And I'm out for blood!

The Prey

I don't dare move.

I don't dare breathe.

I know he's there.

I can't see him,

But I can smell him.

I begin to feel all my senses panic!

The pupils of my eyes are enlarged now...

I need to try to see him....

I can smell the rest of the pack fast approaching!

My heart is pounding faster and faster...

I will need to decide whether to fight or run soon....

I can hear my every breath, as I inhale and exhale.

This is the moment...

I hear a branch snap!

F*&# this!!!!

I start running as fast as I can!

All of a sudden I feel pain!

Then this warm sensation run down my side.

I've been wounded!

But I keep running.

Tonight, I want to live!

I will live!

I sense he's getting tired.

The pack is too far behind to help.

I keep running...

I see my family...

I'm alive....

God damn-it....

I'M ALIVE!!!!!


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    • IrisUnveiled profile image

      IrisUnveiled 5 years ago

      The chase is always the best part lol

      Happy hunting to you too ;-)

    • IrisUnveiled profile image

      IrisUnveiled 5 years ago

      Exactly how I feel....It's sort of my point of the poem: there's someone out there for everyone, you just have to look & be patient :-)

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Not what I expected. Nice. I pretend to be the prey but I really am the predator. Go for what you want I say!

    • TENKAY profile image

      TENKAY 5 years ago from Philippines

      I am the predator, and hunting is so much fun.

      I could relate to this poem, internalize it and it will make your heart beat faster.

      Happy hunting.

    • IrisUnveiled profile image

      IrisUnveiled 5 years ago

      Dating is a lot like hunting in the wild. One of us is always the prey, and the other is always the predator. Do you know which one you are?