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Hunger Pains

Updated on July 29, 2017

by Ellen Karman

Hunger pains awaken me from a moment of delusions.

I wipe my tears, so I can see;

but I'm blind to senseless confusion.

He said:

"It'll be all right he said,

I'll give you food so you can eat.

I'll wipe the tears so you can see and

I'll give you love and everything. It’ll be all right."

Now the foods all gone;

And, the tears he wiped have begun to roll and

The love he gave, well it got too old.

"It'll be all right" he said.

He said - "When are you gonna realize?

The food I gave, well it was fake and

the tears you cried I never wiped,

The love I gave, well it was hate."


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    • Ellen Karman profile imageAUTHOR

      Ellen Karman 

      6 years ago from medina, Ohio

      Dear KoffeKlatch, Yeah you are right. I wish in this instance it were confused. But, also, how people tend to hurt the ones they love the most. I'm conflicted as to if that's just a cop out for not having to say "I was wrong, I'm sorry what I did caused you to feel this way." I don't know. But love and hate are definitely very powerful feelings and this poem was a journey for me. Thank you for reading, Ellen

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      6 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Wow. Full of emotion. How sad that anyone would have to go through an experience. Love and hate are so powerful. Some people can't tell the difference.

    • Ellen Karman profile imageAUTHOR

      Ellen Karman 

      6 years ago from medina, Ohio

      Dear Xstatic, yes you sound like you suffered that pain of wondering what your father was doing and if he was even thinking about you at times in your life when you really needed a father. I went through hell right after he moved out, I had a major back surgery and was in a body cast for six months then my senior year had another back surgery. But even other times, I had my father leave us and he has no idea, since I was twenty one I have been helping my mother financially and so has my sister, My father should be doing this, he has plenty of money to send my mother a monthly check but he beat her down mentally by continually taking her to court. when I was 13 right after he left our car broke down, I remember riding my bike to the grocery store and it was about four miles away!

      I'm sorry you were hurt by your dad leaving at such a young age and only making appearances. That had to be so hard! We writers, all seem to have been injured somehow! So sorry for your pain and thank you for responding to this, It means a lot to me, Ellen Karman

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 

      6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      This is wrenching to think about from a child's point of view especially.

      My parents separated, never did divorce when I was eight months old, so my dad was a sometime presence who visited, and whom I visited sometimes in summers.

    • Ellen Karman profile imageAUTHOR

      Ellen Karman 

      6 years ago from medina, Ohio

      Lix Walmoth Thank you, it was written at such a raw time in my life, I recently found it and as I was young when I wrote it I had to do some rewrites without losing the power that went with it. You can probably guess that "he" is my father, and the loss of just being with him was intolerable and I spent many nights crying when he'd forget to pick me up for our day together. He never had me for the whole weekend, His friends were more important and his drinking. Thank you for liking the poem. EllenKarman

    • profile image

      Liz Walmoth 

      6 years ago

      This was really powerful. I read it 4 times just to feel the emotion. Thanks for sharing.


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