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My Pathway

Updated on March 22, 2016

A long walk and a long stride

With no one by my side

To reform and become new

Sad days are only a few

With some hard lessons to learn

With hard work and a penny earned

My Pathway

So many tears turned into fears

A set time to switch gears

With opened arms and a closed heart

A new beginning that is hard to start

Known to be the quiet observer in the room

To glare out the window while flowers bloom

My Pathway

To study culture and view life

While taking in breath as my mind take flight

One who once broke all the rules

With pieces of my soul that are now clues

My Pathway

Making a difference in ways that I choose

While taking in Knowledge and being amused

To conquer conquest in visual sight

And to ensure prayer at the end of the night

While mending fences and broken glass

The old saying says This to shall pass

As I open my shutters at the light of today

I offer you to walk through My Pathway


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