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My Place 1

Updated on March 19, 2011

 My Place

My place is for me

Only for me

I live there for a while

My place is here

My place is where

My place is there

Because it's the best place for me


History of My Place and little some about my life and me

Let talk about some history of my place the poem. The reason i wrote this poem is that at the time i was 17 years old and i was very curious about the world and owning my own place.  I had a lot of goals that i want accomplish. i still do but i am married now.  I have a wife fighting against me and how i want to better our marriage life. i am not saying that she will stop my goals but she is taking toll on me from success. I am not a woman basher but i only go by what i see and hear.  I want her to better herself but she believe that is blow smoke up her butt. I want her to get her GED and finish her community service, but by looking at things that is not going to happen.  I am going to writing about different thing that happen in life, poetry, and other things too.  I guess whatever come to mind. This is little some about my life and me. There is more to come.  bye   Thanks for listening and enjoying.


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