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My Religion !?!

Updated on September 19, 2021
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When a Man sets out to do Poetry he already has to figure it will be taken into some kind of odd consideration to begin with.Oh, Who Cares !

My Religion !?!

What is "My Religion"...this guy turned to me to say...

This came from someone who changed his beliefs...everyday.

"What is it that you feel...

About God, the "After-Life"...and our own free will ?"

He said he was of a certain denomination (though I don't recall its' name)...

"It is really good...We meditate on "vibes"...I think you should do the same."

He said, "I believe a Universal Presence is out there...We will meet it later...

Now is the time to live to the fullest...and have every whim catered."


He mentioned a range of statistics and sound thinking for everything across the globe...

He commented on data found from carbon-base readings on artifacts...and an earth core probe.

I listened with astonishment as all his intelligence...suddenly made my world clear !

Not Really! This man only knew one side of thinking from what his friends all say...I fear.

I tried to take a deep breath I listened to it all...

But Why...Dear Lord...Do People not listen when you call ?

He blabbed on and on...for what seemed like hours...

Like some great oracle had bestowed down onto him a message from ancient ivory towers.

I grew tired from his repeated idle points...and heated debate in near anger chagrin...

He was open to every school of thought under the sun...unless God's name was entered in.

Then to to my relief...and great surprise...

He made his conclusion statement...and looked for acceptance in my eyes.

I said "That's Very Interesting !?!" a nice kind of way...

Then stood up straight, and leaned in: "Now hear what I have to say.

You see to me the World is a different place...

I have witnessed the best the World has to a cold slap in the face.

Yet, I yearn to make it a better all...for us to live...

I seek daily to know how others feel; I want to do more...To give !

I have done a whole World of thinking on things...till I reached a dead-end...

For all the thinking I've done...I never saw what was right there in front of me, my friend.

You see, my friend...I understand the World in which you reside...

I appreciate what motivates you...and truly...I respect your pride.


But...I have a different heart inside.

My heart was forged...a long time ago...

You may never learn to believe...But I feel that you should know.


One day in time...On a day...No different then now...

One Man stood alone...and said "I'll show them how."

He said, "I care for each and every one of these that have gone astray...

But the time has come...and will be done...when I will do more then pray.

You see...My Father Cares...He really does care...

But, you always seem to believe he isn't there.

So, on this day...I'll show you how...

Though you may mock and scorn me now... will bow.


For you see, I am the one that was prophecized...

Yes..."I am He"...(the one that you despise).

But, I care, I really do care...

And even in my own despair.

I have not called on ten thousand angels to set me free...

I have taken the cup...My Father's Will...will be !"


On this day a man see...

He died for you...and He died for me.

You may find this so hard to believe...

You think it is only a story...and that it is silly to grieve.

Yet, as he that we may be free...

I believe that man is exactly who he claimed to be !

I really do believe that he is real...

I know...because he has taught me to feel.

So now...Ask me again...What it is "My Religion" !?!

I hope some of what I've said...begins to answer your question.

I tell you this...because I thought you should really know...

You may have thought up some pretty good debate points...But you sure aren't running the show !

For Power and Authority from Above...Never came up in one thing you ever said...

For me: I believe in the Son of the Most High God...and that he rose from the dead.

So now ask me what it is that I believe?

I believe I will pray that you ask for a New Heart...and for all your sins to leave.


For, my friend, I believe in the hardest thing...

"My Religion" is actually a relationship with a which I cling.

It is not in owning a great sports car...flashy...zipping down the Highway...ZZZZiiiinnnngggg!

It is not in monitoring the cosmos...listening for a reply back from Space...from a signal ping...

Or finding the mysteries of old explained in hieroglyphics ...on an acient Pharaoh's ring...

I know it can't be found in any famous matter how great they act or sing !

It sure is not traded on as a commodity...on any Stock Exchange...

I have not found it in any Music that has ever been arranged...

It can not be found by what you make of yourself can all change...

Maybe in Beauty? One persons idea of another person...can seem very strange...

How 'bout in the Sun...Though...All I see is Or-ange ?!

In Government to control things? History has shown all Governments sooner or later... become unhinged...

In what lies ahead for the future...How many times have you reached some future point and cringed !

Could it be in pleasure and creature comforts...Go ahead and get your fill...

Too bad you can't take it all with ya'...Or will you be the first one who will ?

Can it be found in One's Flair for Fashion...or in the Style of Clothes that they wear...?

Or perhaps in romantic interludes with the one you love...OOps...sometimes it's just not quite there !

Money has to be it !? Because...It is Everywhere...

Yet, you can gather Money hand over fist...and still have no great Peace with which to compare !

But...being the hard-pressed...MAN I WAS...

I knew there had to be some explanation...WELL BECAUSE...

There just DOES !


All the explanations I said to you just now...May sound real stu-pid...

So What !? Who cares...If it all did.

Because, my friend...So do yours...

And none of your explanations that you treat yourself to...Can outweigh what truly cures !

We both know that we could go down this road for hours...and well into tomorrow...

For the pathway is wide...The door that few enter is narrow.

Many times...Words by Men can be fleeting...and become so misconstrued...

You never really get their true meaning...No matter how many times heard or viewed.

I would rather you just see by my actions that I have found Peace which I know is from Above...

It is hard to understand sometimes...Unless you understand...It is all done out of Love.

For we could sit and debate on this...Until the cows all come home...

But Really...Why Bother ! 'Cause for me...I know who sits on the thrown !

So, my friend...You may just find this the hardest thing to understand yet...

And...I would surely be willing to lay down money and bet...


That the hardest thing...In the World...For you to do...

Is to believe in Jesus Christ...And know that He loves You !"


"Don't You Wish You Had The Answers" Keith Green

This One Is Done In True Sincerity and In Peace...

(*) A Big Thank You goes out to "Up With People" for the opportunities it provided me! There I learned...through the atmosphere which "Up With People" creates...that We All Are Different...End Of Story. But...That Is Not A Reason...Why We All Just Can't Get Along!

So, with that I would like to dedicate this to Louis and the Family Van Heteren. It was with this Great Host family while in "Up With People" that the first draft of this poem was inspired...24 years ago. And also to my PR Partner; Part of the Dongen PR Team..

Dongen is zoh!

(*) Disclaimer: All of the thinking behind this poem is my own. It is only inspired by the above references and names mentioned. The views expressed are affliated with my own beliefs while traveling with in a group that tolerated all beliefs...of all cultures and countries. This particular poem is a great one for me...because of the time and place that it came into being. Just want to make that clear. Thank you.

© 2010 ManlyPoetryMan


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