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My Silent Musings

Updated on September 21, 2015

Muse 1 (on the occasion of women's day)

A woman or a beggar?

This morning I woke up

With the same question in my head.

Am I a beggar?

A life of complete dependence.

I am the culture which shapes women,

Into mere beggars.

When shall I be free?

As free as a bird.

Who will see what I am inside?

I am hungry for a 'chance'.

I'm tortured by my kid's sweet smile.

Her smile, a chain unbreakable,

Till my death, I'll be chained,

Chained to her.

She will have the same chain one day,

Oh! what a fate to be a woman.

A woman of the modern age,

With all the freedom given.

Yet, tied wit the chain of dependence,

Begging the whole life for freedom.

There are millions who carve,

No drops of tears to shed,

You are one, ah! see!

What a wonderful smile,

That hides your grief.

You bleed inside but still,

You spread the fragrance of your care.


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    • reshma85 profile image

      Reshma Anto 2 years ago from Chennai

      thanks...Suzyn....I know its after a long time :)

    • profile image

      Suzyn 3 years ago

      Good point. I hadn't thuoght about it quite that way. :)