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My Son-In-Law's Birthday Party [49]

Updated on January 13, 2016

It's our turn to arrive, My wife and I

To feast and celebrate

another fine year gone by


We carry the cake, carrot cake, his favorite

into the house

The gin and mixer we had was for the ladies


I wandered outside to see the celebrant

There with son and friend,

around a barrel fire they stood


They talked of hunting and killing deer

and all the fun they had,

even my grandson, a veteran at seven


I listened for awhile, not saying much

Trying to find the fun in death

I couldn't, so I excused myself and walked away


I next went in to help my step-daughter

with computer problems

while waiting for the crowd to gathered


Problem solved, I lingered on, playing on the keyboard,

Enjoying the solitude,

Before facing the maddening crowd again


Standing up, walked from den to kitchen

Leaned against the door jam

Took in the sight, the hustle and bustle of preparation


Women dance around each other

The kitchen, oh so tiny

Preparing the meal to come, quite interesting


Our birthday boy was also the cook, his job already done

Wonderful aroma, smoked pork and beef

I steal me some before I leave


Through kitchen, around the women

Out the door, its gotten dusk

The barrel fire glowing to the left


The Celebrant, friend, and now brother-in-law

Still around the fire

Still talking about hunting, that's what they do in the South


Free chair on the carport, I sit near my wife's friends

Listen to them chat

Watch the kids skate up and down


Laughter, yelling, lots of yelling as they skate

Did I do that way, way back when?

Such energy, such freedom, I watch amazed


The ladies next me say something and I agree

Turning back, I watch a young boy

help my much younger grandson roll down the driveway

- How nice that is, I think


Sitting back, pondering what's 'round me

Boys now taking turns driving the 4-wheeler

The oldest just turned eight, the hunter


The women talking in groups on the carport or in the kitchen

The men still around the fire

Me lost in thought, my normal mode at birthday parties


Its strange being here with this group of folks

Sort of like a fish out of water

Not much in common other than the love for my wife,

- Their mother, their friend


This is her family and friends at this birthday party

I guess they are mine now

Nice and kind folk all, and wow can the birthday boy cook!


I am the last of my branch and related limbs are rare

Hunting and fishing aren't for me

I am not religious and I am Democrat to boot,

- did I tell you I live in the South?


So, I bide my time and think my thoughts

Enjoy the sights and sounds

Waiting for the bell to sound the signal all have wanted


Dinner is on, then cake, Carrot Cake, is served

The Celebrant is honored

Happy Birthday is sung, everybody cheers


The men wander out to their fire to talk, now of sports

The women clean and talk of children

The children run outside to play some more


The birthday is now complete

Each is entertained in their own favorite way

So, I wander off to my cave to do the same.

NY Times #1 Best Selling Book. Also See Clark on CNN HLN (I have personally saved more than the purchase price using his tips.)

© 2011 Scott Belford


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