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My Southern Overexposure.

Updated on January 28, 2010

Southern Overexposure!

I am a Cuban cigar

graced with arms and legs

lounging seaside
on a Miami Beach
browned, imported
and labeled a tourist,

My flesh  is oiled

with barriers to

keep me from

smoking or

in the sun.

I suppose that
somewhere nearby
lies the answers to
all the sorrows
of the world

passing my

oasis here.

Perhaps they

are locked
someplace secure
off the tip of
the Keys.

But I am

to remain

a castaway

from thier pains
with my butt

in the sand

my fingers

marking condensation

around a

jumbo margarita.
and my head

absorbing nothing

more stimulating
then a healthy dose
of vitamin D.


Tommorrows will

carry me back

to concerns beyond

tropical burns

but for now I digress

in sheer happiness.





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