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My Thoughts III (Journal)

Updated on April 2, 2011

     Note: I picked this journal entry to post because here in Canada we are just entering a federal election and this journal entry relates to some of the things happening now (such as a plan by the Conservative government to spend thirty billion on fighter jets when kids have no public school buildings in their communities here in Ontario). I think my thoughts from five years ago are still relevant now.

      June 27th, 2006

      Bloody life! The federal government is spending 1.2 billion dollars on defense. Defense? Defense from whom? Like Canada really needs extra armored vehicles, or tanks or what not. One might say that we do: for our soldiers in Afghanistan. However, we do not! We actually need to pull our soldiers out and stop doing the dirty work for others. No terrorist has ever attacked this nation, no Afghan has ever threatened Canada, nor have the Afghans declared war on us. Thus, why are Canadian soldiers putting their lives and Afghans people’s lives at risk? This whole thing with Canadian forces in Afghanistan smells worse than a pig’s stall.

      Our new Prime Minister also smells fishy. He and his cabinet resemble a bunch of Nazi’s high on some cheap drugs that made it in office by some grave mistake.

      Last November, the Liberal government signed an agreement in Kelowna B.C., with leaders from five different aboriginal groups regarding federal spending to help improve native people’s social and economic opportunities. The deal was finalized at $5.1 billion over the course of five years. Yet, this conservative federal government scrapped the Kelowna deal replacing it with $450 million given to aboriginal people over the course of the next two years. That is not the entire deal but the main part of it. Now that is what I call a deal (for the federal government)!

      The Prime Minister might be a little hazy or drowsy not to see or hear about the deplorable conditions in which the native people live even here in Ontario. Can someone take the Prime Minister to a few Native Reserves around the country? Now, from my basic understanding I must deduct that this country cannot help its own citizens but it will help other countries destroy other countries. Then, we can spend more money on rebuilding the countries, which we have destroyed. It is an amazing loop in which the United States has been circling for quite a long time: the country is either demolishing or rebuilding another country and thus, there is no money for social spending at home.

      So, indeed the Prime Minister and his cabinet need to open their eyes and travel a little further than Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal to see how incredibly poor conditions of living are affecting Canadians. One must see how some people live to come to comprehend why there is such a huge problem with alcoholism, with children and women abuse and with suicides. Then, the realization will come: that we need more food and more affordable housing not more equipment for the army. What must happen for everyone to get his or her basic human needs in a first world country as Canada?


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    • christiansister profile image

      christiansister 6 years ago

      Mr. Happy,

      I know your frustration. I was hoping that here in America the government would come out of their War drunken stupor to realize that they are not only sacrificing our children in so many ways, but are also deceiving and manipulating them into being responsible for the deaths of many people. The blood of all the innocent people that died in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and all other covert ops we have had our grubby little tentacles entrenched in is on our hands and our children's hands.

      I thought that it soon would dawn on them that we should worry more about our very serious problems at home that desperately need our attention and finance more than their manipulated wars. But, sadly I no longer harbor that illusion.

      And I have come more to believe that our government is nothing more than a puppet show. The people who pull the strings and write the script probably do not even live in America anymore.

      We are in perilous times and it is hard to be very optimistic about the future of our country.

      The crazy thing is, that even though so much information has been discovered about was has actually been going on you will still be labeled traitor if you question the validity of their actions and try to enlighten the people of the truth of it all.

      Well, I think the government puppets are the traitors and they have no real love for America or its people.

      And we are powerless to stop it.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      Very interesting, especially given the fact that, that was written back in 2006! Voted it Up! Regards Professor M! ;D

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Mrs. Lynda, on your comment about why armament costs so much, if you have a few minutes you can learn a lot more from a recent article in the Rolling-stone Magazine (the only magazine I actually purchase; it is especially good on planes):

    • literarychimp profile image

      literarychimp 6 years ago from Ireland

      Most of the army are mercenaries now anyway, off sourced to private companies,,,,,,,,its still incredibly expensive, know what percentage of US GDP goes on whats "military defense"? its shocking....."Gruff, how else do we unite the masses and give them a sense of greatness" scoffs the cynical congressman rocking on his gilded chair....Some interesting blogs of late man thanks

    • profile image

      dichter1993 6 years ago

      Wow. I love people who aren't afraid to voice their political opinions. And for the record, we're on the same line of thinking.

    • profile image

      Ladyonaboat 6 years ago

      As an American. I whole heartedly agree with you about the US part in this big stinkin mess. The people that benefit from these backroom deals are the wealthy elite because your average American or Canadian don't benefit at all. Great hub!

    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      I often wonder at priorities in Canada and even more so in the United States. Spending on the military, on foreign interference, deals for corporations, bail-outs... I heard on the television that one cruise missile costs $1.2 million dollars. Why is that? They've been in production for years, therefore the components must be readily available and the production line familiar with the process. But then I remembered; this is the organization with thousand dollar hammers and ten thousand dollar toilet seats.

      Sigh! Lynda